Don’t fight it. It’ll be over soon.

Don't fight it. It'll be over soon.

In March, I had ingrown toenails removed and the nailbed destroyed with phenol. The recovery time was two weeks. It ended up being 2 months before I could squat or deadlift.

I got ingrown toenails because I stuffed my feet into a tight pair of Power Perfect IIs, like a fucking tryhard, and did a 5 hour olympic lifting session with my small island’s Rio 2016 coach. My lifts weren’t bad, at a 60kg C&J and 50kg snatch, considering I had been lifting for 3 months and was auditing 55+ hour weeks as an intern. The day after, it got bad. I had a teaspoon of pus draining from under the nail.

The next day, I showed my commitment to my audit firm by limping around a graduate recruitment event and making small talk. I got the surgery the following Friday, and picked up my own oly shoes, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to use them for weeks.

The problems started when I was tryhard faggot who immediately went to the gym three days after and did pullups and dips on crutches. The chiropodist said it was healing well. I took this as carte blanche to OHP and put weight on my toes.

Big mistake. It took several weeks for the swelling to go down, and for legit healing to happen. When it finally did, I had finished my work placement, and was unemployed. I figured I could lift 4 days a week.

Unknown to me, I had snapped my shit up by sitting all those hours and then aggravated it by the usual squatmornings. I went to physio, who said to lay off the weights and stretch/plank/hip thrust until we can fix it. So, I probably won’t be hitting that 180kg squat at the end of 2013 that I boasted about on New Years.

On the plus side, I did hit the following PRs:
16 neutral grip pullups.
85kg Bench 1RM
20 dips
reasonable volume on GHR.

I’ve realised I have no hobbies apart from watching anime, turning my girlfriend into a musclegirl and working. So I’ll keep going.