Unit cost and utility


So the woman has started to complain that I’m getting skinny and I’ve lost arm size. Everyone says as much to me. I guess it’s fine to comment on someone’s physical condition if they are athletic. Life hasn’t been as enjoyable either without going to the gym. So, I guess it’s time to stop moping and hop back on the wagon.

Neck mobility and pain have been good, as I have been off on study leave for nearly 4 weeks now. I can plank for 45 seconds without neck pain, and get about 10 pushups in without neck pain.

Banded dicksucks have eased the pain a lot, wall angels have improved. So now it’s a case of building up slowly, regaining thoracic mobility, quitting work and finding something else.

Protein-wise, I ate very little for much of Lent. I guess I didn’t need that much when I was out sick, not lifting.

I used to eat a 300g tub of cottage cheese a day, and did so in addition to big meals and whey. But I did some calculations and whey concentrate is always the cheapest, most complete protein for the money.

5kg whey at €56 gives me as much protein as much as 111 300g tubs of cottage cheese at 0.89c each. The cheese costs €100.

Assumption: 22g of protein per 30g scoop of proton powder, and 33g of protein per 300g tub.

So the price per gram of protein of whey powder is much lower than the cottage cheese. And cottage cheese is the cheapest, leanest protein source I can get.


Study for the professional exams has majorly stalled. I usually avoid procrastination by convincing myself that the end is worth it, and that the reward is commensurate with the effort I put in. These last few months have really fucked that assumption in the ass.

Where I’m at now, it’s a perfect storm of a low or uncertain return on passing exams for a qualification I don’t want to complete, and that I can’t transfer to a different job, and trying to avoid pain caused by sitting and writing. The woman has convinced me to do a little every day, as it’s better than nothing. She’s right. She’s always right.

I’m rewarding myself for every 25 hours of study by buying a component of a €600 gaming PC, that will be complete at the end of the month when the exams finish. I hope I will be well enough to use it, and it doesn’t hang around gathering dust after my bonitis progresses.



6 thoughts on “Unit cost and utility

    1. It was a bit too much effort, but I could eat a 300g tub in about 20 seconds if I rushed it. It was great for a busy season snack with good macros.

      See also: faggotry, tryhardness.

  1. I don’t know how I’ve managed to escape lifting without catastrophic injuries. I have a feeling my skating helps as it’s light enough cardio with mostly the same muscles to get a lot of blood flowing without having really any impact.

    My knee is kinda hurting sometimes, though. Thus lack of squats in logs.

    1. “I don’t know how I’ve managed to escape lifting without catastrophic injuries.”

      A matter of time. Don’t worry, once you start approaching the 300/400/500 range, the injuries will come.

      Or maybe you’ll never experience the small, nagging injuries and pains that pester you forever, but get a single, massive, crippling one right away. Lifting is good for the health.

      1. I get little aches sometimes, but usually when I get them I back off/use different technique/use less intensity/use a different exercise, etc.

        Of course Alexey Sivokon is banned from the IPF for life for doping, but this fairly common sense shit he says he does is pretty interesting.

        “Alexey Sivokon very serious about their health, because he has never had a serious injury associated with powerlifting. Most likely this is because Alex is trying not to train when ill or when there is a minor injury, always first tries to recover, and then to continue training.”

        Or go hard or go home, you pussy.

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