1 year on from back injury

Back has not been feeling great recently after the exams, but is much improved since last year. Now that the lumbar disc herniations have been identified, and the neck herniation small, I’ve got sources for the pain and can start to remedy it. I’m much less limited in what I can do – the only things that are out are weightlifting, wrestling, sitting for a long time without breaks, and pounding away in positions that overextend my low back. Unfortunately, these are some of my favourite things. But I’ll adapt.

Gotta keep those glutes tight when pounding. I wish that part of sexual health had been on the sex ed curriculum. I hurt my back when I was 18 doing just that, which was when this whole shitshow began.

The most recent research on pubmed  says that large herniations respond well to conservative treatment, and most people see a 60% reduction in herniation size within a year. Though herniation size doesn’t seem to impact disability. After 7 years, most people have their symptoms resolve, with occasional flare ups, and only 17% have persistent impairment/sciatica. I had a big improvement in my symptoms in the first 6 months, so I’m relieved to know I’m in a group that gets better. Now I just have to live with it.

I will be getting bloods done to test for arthritis in the coming weeks. The neurosurgeon also noted that I had hypermobility in some joints, which can cause injury and pain.  At least he told me that some people aren’t built to lift weights, and I was one of those people. He said keeping fit was extremely important, and to keep at it. So I guess I have to keep going.

At least my interview tomorrow for a middle management job in our national tax compliance office makes up for it. Just in time for my exam results to come out. At least I will be out of big 4 audit soon enough.


2 thoughts on “1 year on from back injury

  1. That’s smart doc advice. Altho you can still lift weights, but opt for smarter and safer exercises. I.e. no squats or deadlifts, do leg presses with correct form (lower back stays on pad), machine hack squats, curls and extensions. Like, the stuff that actually builds leg muscles. Maybe hyperextensions for the back.

    If banging does your back in, you definitely should not be squatting or pulling barbells.

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