Mope reporting standards

Results came out today. Failed 4/5 of the professional exams I did at the start of May. I also didn’t place on the panel for the management job. 

But it’s fine. I accounted for the exam misery on an accrual basis, and recognised my failure as it happened.  The actual payments of sanity/money/respect are happening externally now, but according to the Unrealised Gains “Generally Accepted Mopeilitywod Accounting Principals” (GAYMAP), I have made failure my base state. Nothing that happens can make me dislike myself more than I already do.


Similarly, I discounted 60% of the future happiness of the management job as “not going to happen” (Bad Debt), reckoning I only had a 40% chance of getting the job. At the beginning of the Mopeility Year, I made a large expense provision for Bad Debts, which did mean that I had a low Happiness Liquidity, but meant that I would be insulated from some disappointments. So I’m only 40% disappointed on paper. 

Repeats are in September. At least, this time, I’m not in so much pain that I’m considering suicide. I feel optimistic. 


As I am going into another exam season, while working, I have to keep myself ticking over for exercise. So I’ll post the shit I’m doing. 

9th July

  • External rotation 3×20@1kg 
  • Bridge – One foot extending on exercise ball- 2×20
  • Stabilization plank with leg raise on ball 1×20
  • Superman holds 60 seconds x1
  • 20km cycling
  • Banded dicksucks 1×10






4 thoughts on “Mope reporting standards

  1. Loled at mope accounting. How badly does failure in this instance affect your future goals/plans?

    How much work do you do in the way of glute isolation exercises?

    1. I’m not really sure how it affects my future plans. I’d say very little.

      I knew I would be repeating at least 4 since March, when I hurt my neck. I’ve wanted to quit since last September. As I don’t have a job lined up to quit into, I have to do the repeat exams, while searching for another job. That’s always been the plan.

      The kicker isn’t failing the exams, it’s the neck and back that makes work and studying difficult. My biggest worry going in for the exams is that the stress and sitting aggravate my neck and back, so much so that I can’t study/work.

      In that worst case scenario, I’m out on sick leave, lose my job, and spend 3 months recovering and trying to find a new job.

      So doing the repeats in September gives me until October, when the results come out, to find a new job. There is a chance that I could fail one exam, which might mean getting fired post October. But at least that keeps me employed until I get out of the firm.

      So doing the repeats, and aiming for 4 passes is the dominant strategy. If I get a better or equal offer elsewhere, I’d take it before we head into interim audits in October.

      Glute-wise (most importantly), the only isolations I’m doing are bodyweight lunges, a quadruped hip extension hold, and one legged bridges on an exercise ball. I was doing pistol squats, but these aggravated my neck. Probably the lack of thoracic mobility I have at the moment.

      I used to do hip thrusts instead of deadlifts when my back got sore, and found them very useful.

      1. “At the beginning of the Mopeility Year, I made a large expense provision for Bad Debts, which did mean that I had a low Happiness Liquidity, but meant that I would be insulated from some disappointments.”

        10/10, would award you a pass. At least you’re still a going concern.

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