Even in our dreams

Woke from a dream where I was a woman interviewing for a middle management position in Kink.com. Rather than having my clit pumped, then being bound and whipped, we talked about how being a private company lets Kink react quickly to market demands, and keep hierarchy and overheads low. They then told me about the excellent work life balance they offer.

The dream brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “white collar”.  Brent has yet to approach the realization of our dreams that, even during the safe immobility of sleep, are accustomed to develop into nightmares of mediocrity and mopeility.

Who are you? What do you long for?


2 thoughts on “Even in our dreams

  1. wouldn’t that be pink collar – or i guess not bc i just looked that term up on wikipedia
    in my whole life i’ve never had (at least not remembered) a dream where i was female
    that must mean I’m a homosexual

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