Compliant with the SEC’s §211 dicksucking standard: the client throats 20 cocks quarterly, and has a strong internal fellatio control system in place. The Mouthpussy audit team has tested these controls, and will be relying on them during the audit.


We understand that our free time is empty. We know that our weightlifting blogs are only read by other weightlifting bloggers. We know the content of these blogs is nothing but self-denunciation, a denunciation of the society and a rage against physical culture itself.  Even if we do participate, we are alienated from the values of sport, and instead use it as a chance to consume supplements, unhealthy food and accessories.

It’s no mistake our leisure is empty – it can’t be filled in the framework of blogs, the gym, the rink. Work becomes leisure. Leisure then becomes the true “work”, without any relaxation or pleasure. At least work could be enjoyed for the sense of mastery and agency we gain, or the pressures survived. Going to the gym is spectacle, or at best, maintenance of chronic health problems. Even then it’s inadequate. So we blog about the impossibility of blogging about this shit.

But what should we do when work loses its pleasure? What happens when boxticking no longer ticks all the boxes? Are we still compliant? Without the courage to quit, or the motivation to go on. Until we get comfortable again.


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