Modelling Success


My plastic robot models came 10 days ahead of schedule. I ordered two High Grade kits: the Zaku II and the 0079 Gundam. Each cost me only 1p due to a pricing error. But they sent me the wrong kit – I got a Real Grade 0079 Gundam instead!

I slapped the Zaku II together this afternoon. It was a pretty easy build, especially as I’m used to 28mm or 1:72 models in hard styrene and pewter. I’m amazed at the engineering in a 2002 kit -the whole thing fits together by friction between the hard styrene and polycaps. It doesn’t feel like a real kit without glue for me! It seems to take heat and burning effects well (at least sprue does). I will probably weather it with inks, and do the blacklining with inks.

The Zaku II now sits on my PC and stares disapprovingly.

It has good flexibility in the limbs, but none in the torso. I probably won’t piloting it for iceskating in the 0084 Winter Mobile Suit Olympics. Here we go!


7 thoughts on “Modelling Success

  1. Pretty sweet. I always wanted an RG. But now, I really want to just order a bunch of old glue together Zeta and 0079 kits, because they feel more like a real model, if that makes sense.

    I wouldn’t weather it, I wish I got better pics of my Zaku I. I think the best thing for Zakus and Zeonic/grunt MS is to actually do them in flatter more military colors, ie, use military style colors on them. It looks really good that way.

    1. Zero Hedge is cool alright. Their pieces on purchasing power are usually good. I always try and think of things in terms of €1 Mars bars – there are 14 Mars bars of a price difference between this haircut and another.

      I’ve been extremely lucky to save 22% of my income this year, even with about 15% monthly going on medical shit. I was talking to an assistant manager with no kids or wife, who is renting, and he lives payday to payday on a credit card overdraft.

      An ex-girlfriend got married, and the wedding cost €20,000. It was funded mostly by the parents, and loans by the kids. My generation seems to have very little disposable income, job security or savings.

      Our electricity is too expensive, so I boil water with a gas stove. I was thinking of getting a wood stove for that, but I’d only work out cheaper after 2.5 years.

      Our postage stamps just went up 10% for no reason. Not that I send letters, but I’m sure it will have a knock on effect on everything else.

      Our tram got attacked by rioters on the way back from the city center. That, and the fact that I might be fired in October, has me thinking about emigrating again.

      1. People are dumb with money and buy stuff they don’t need. More and more people are able to “afford” stuff through fictional money, i.e. credit cards. From there on it’s a simple case of supply and demand interaction – more people can buy stuff -> stuff becomes more expensive. Banks are happy, corporate shareholders are happy, dumbasses buying stuff they’re carefully conditioned to buy are happy.

        Good job on the savings. I thought your last review went pretty well?

    1. My friend has avoided getting fired twice by saying “No I’m not.” When he was fired. Obviously slightly more complex than that, but actually not much more. First time working at a window selling company he got fired over the phone and then came in person, apologized, said he’d do better, then not fired, worked another few months. Second time, working as an EMT, failed the evasive driving test, they were about to fire him and he negotiated working in a single location with no driving the ambulance at the “sorry we’re ‘letting you go’ meeting.” He broke precedent by being the first person to not be fired after failing the driving test.

      So if you get fired, just say “no I’m not.” It’ll work.

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