Might be changing careers soon.

Ireland is in the middle of a tech bubble at the moment – everything but ICT has seen average salaries going down. The government has spotted the gap, and is funding unemployed people to retrain in IT. But I only found out Saturday that people who are employed can get year-long courses in programming and development. I’ve applied for four I think are worthwhile and have good job outcomes at the end. I will likely quit if I get accepted, or ask for a year of deferral while my back and neck heals up.

My 4 repeat exams finished last week, and I’m back in work. Still bored and dissatisfied, and a few other first years left for better pay/hours while I was away. I said I’d give it a year, and that year is up. Past performance is the strongest predictor of future success – this year in Big 4 has made me sicker, and has also made me dissatisfied with my career progression. Even if I pass the exams, the next year will be even more intensive, and I’m not sure I want to throw away my health for crap money, and a qualification that is becoming increasingly less valuable as CPAs from abroad take up positions in Ireland, and the work becomes more automated.

So in comes computer science.

When I left college, I wanted to learn a programming language, figuring that between Chinese, English and Java/HTML I would have my bases covered. When I worked in a tech startup, I had good ideas for the website and service, but no ability to put them in practice. So I had to leave to find steady work in Big 4.

I’ve put 18 months into Excel, accountancy and corporate life, and I got good results: best in intake, trip to Disney Florida to meet the CEO, a few other awards. I can’t guarantee I will make more money, or my life will be easier. But at least these courses will give me more options. The time in financial services isn’t a write off either – there’s a big gap in the market for cloud services in the finance industry, mainly applications that give real time insight into cash flow and liquidity. I could also use my background in compliance to develop apps that make compliance less onerous.

There’s also the option to take a semester doing mobile game/app development, which would both give me very tactile portfolio pieces, and fulfil my teenage dream of learning to code a game in DarkBasic. I could do it in Unity instead.

Doing a logic tests tonight to qualify for entry. One way or another, I’m transferring out of this chickenshit outfit.


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