The change will do you good

Fatman, another attempt to get out of audit.

I’ve been offered the one year degree in mobile software development. Did the logic test last night, and got the offer today. The course is on evenings and weekends, and begins in the next week.

I’m talking with work about deferring for a year to complete the course, and then return to the firm’s data analysis business line. The year would also give my back and neck injuries time to heal up, so I can really commit to a career.

I spoke during the Summer about my interest in data analysis, and they suggested trying for the data analysis group. But I didn’t have any skills to offer, so the advisory role was not feasible. The tax transfer was also a no go, as they couldn’t offer me audit hours, and said wait until you qualify.

I’ve talked to the data analysis staff, and I’m organising a conversation with a senior manager to see what they use, so I can build those skills on the course and in my own time.

Getting a deferral on the exam hinges on a few things, they’ve told me they have to look at my busy season booking, and whether I pass my four repeats. I’ll know by mid-October whether I passed. If I do pass the exams, I am not committed to the second and third years of exams and work; I want to try something else. If I failed, they will probably terminate the contract anyway. I may be studying 3 nights weekly while doing the course, which will be difficult on top of a full time job.

The ideal situation is to not work for the year, and study this full time. I’ll try pick up some hours part time to help fund the course, but I have enough savings to cover until about April or May. Work may let me stay in audit while I study, but I would not be enthusiastic about that.

My key concern is an exit on good terms, with the potential for a return if I need it. If that means staying for another month, or six weeks, I’d do that. If it’s not feasible to work full time and study full time, I’ll put in notice, and take the time off. If that sours relationships, I can get a reference from two senior staff members who have since left for other businesses or countries.

It’s fine, I guess. Can’t keep the head down and work forever.


2 thoughts on “The change will do you good

  1. Studying is pretty important and honestly there is a lot of opportunities for software development and overall better pay too. Still working full time and studying full time is a pain in the ass. Couple that with traning and we’ll you don’t have time for anything else.

  2. Yeah they hate tax transfers for some reasons. Only ever heard of one guy who actually made it, and there was a lot of bitching about it, both the open and behind-the-back kind.

    Would be sweet if you could finish the IT course and get into data analysis. Also if the IT sector is booming, you probably won’t have to stay with the firm if you don’t want to.

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