Gunpla Olympics


Did it lads.




This could be the most amusing project yet.  Zaku II has a lot of stablilty. The RG Gundam doesn’t, so I’m still trying to get some shots of that.


7 thoughts on “Gunpla Olympics

  1. So I got at least two 1/100 MSV Real Type kits to do for Christmas. A Tropical Test Type Dom and a Zaku I Old Type. They look pretty sweet. Hopefully next year they step up production of the older kits, lots are out of stock. I think I can get them coming out better looking than my Gyan even, and my Gyan imo is a decent looking kit. I do need to buy some actual flat model paints, though, as my modified via rubbing alcohol art acrylic paints work really well for gloss, but for flat comes out way too flat. I think the gloss looks OK on older kits as they’re not meant to look super mega ultra realistic, but the “real type” MSV kits to some extent are, as in, real-ish color schemes and whatnot. Like those color schemes. Oh shit, you can do three! Then there’s the old Johnny Ridden Zakus and shit, too.

    Also on the episode of Gundam where Amuro deserts. I remember lots of these episodes vaguely from as a kid seeing them on Toonami, but it’s good seeing them again.

      1. It looks pretty gangsta alright. Only thing stopping me ordering 80s kits is the shipping cost, which is done by weight.

        You’re pretty close to the attack on Belfast. Gundam seems to have a hard-on for Ireland. Supposedly the IRA are in 00?

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