“You’re the IT guy”

Got paid for the work in the school. Felt like I learned a lot about servicing older machines, and how to sell myself. I also learned most professionals are clueless when it comes to IT issues, and making a computer seem twice as fast must be magical. Once I finished hooking up computers to the network in one place, using a router to split the connection via ethernet, I got a message from a staff member saying she couldn’t connect to the internet. I thought “oh shit, something went wrong” and went upstairs running through potential conflicts with the router. It transpired she had switched the wifi button off on her laptop.

And staff take their work laptops home, and use them for torrenting and porn. Meaning I find all kinds of malware, and processes like “Make Your Computer Faster – FREE.exe” running. Even your own computers aren’t immune – I inherited a netbook from a friend, but never cleaned it up when I got it. I used it for anime and browsing, but it was really gunked up. I had this positive picture of the dude that gave it to me: that he wouldn’t be jacking it porno and getting viruses off dodgy downloads. But computers never lie. They know us.

The downside of all this is that you’re now the IT guy. It isn’t really a job I want forever. But it gave me a better feeling about being self-employed in the future. At least it’s not a total write off.

Thinking of buying some more plastic crack now that these two are finished. The Gundam needs lining, and I’ll hit both with some matt varnish spray when it gets less cold. Cold makes that shit frost up, and I don’t have a garage to work in. Which is something I’ll get, someday. Prolly have some dumbells there too.

There are 3 places I’m thinking of ordering from: 1999.jp, HobbyLink Japan, and Amazon UK. I wanted to minimize the cost. I figured there would not be much of a difference overall, but wanted to keep the shipping costs low. Amazon does free shipping to the UK, so I can pick it up when I visit the woman in Belfast. So I analyzed it. The results are below.

1999.jp HLJ Amazon
Yen Euro Yen Euro Pound Euro
dom set 1445 10 1360 9 14 17
hygogg 1020 7 960 7 11 13
beargguy 1530 10 1530 10 15 18
acgguy 1190 8 1120 8 12 15
twin ball 1105 8 1040 7 11 14
Gouf R35 1275 9 1275 9 13 16
Total 7565 51 7285 50 74 94
Shipping 6200 42 5700 39
Total 13765 €93.60 12985 €88.30 74 €93.74

Only a €6 euro difference between the three options. Unfortunately, it raises the larger question. Do I really have $110 dollars to throw away on plastic models? I think I will finish scratch-building the weights room, and the 28mm wargames models I before ordering more. But it really would fit into the stereotype of the shy IT nerd I’m becumming.


6 thoughts on ““You’re the IT guy”

  1. You know, people always joke that it’s the porn sites that give you viruses, but really all of the news sites with the sketchy ads are what you need to worry about. Especially with work computers. We had one where I work that I scanned with Malwarebytes; it picked up something like 12000 infected files. And this was a guy who is the head of an entire department.

    But yeah, it’s mind blowing that people holding such high positions in a company don’t even know how to copy and paste or navigate through the file explorer.

    A couple weeks ago this guy called me asking for a usb male to male cable. He was trying to plug the adapter for his wireless mouse into his monitor (which did have a usb port) and then run a usb cable from the monitor to his laptop. Point being so the mouse adapter would be closer to the mouse and get a better signal. UWOT.

    He was so sure of it that I legitimately had to think about it for a minute if it would work or not.

    1. We had a dude unplug his laptop charger from the wall and “shake” the last few drops of power from the AC adaptor brick into the laptop. Like it was a flow of water.

      These things make logical sense to the individual – electric flow must be like the flow of a liquid. The brick must store power. Inverting the power brick and shaking the “power liquid” into the storage of the laptop container makes sense.

      It’s wrong. It’s totally wrong. But that doesn’t stop it being correct by an internal logic. Worst of all, it’s not worth reasoning with them. Shit like electronics if for fucking nerds. Let’s go for lunch.

      Always work as a center that drives profits, or supports profits. Never be a nerd.

      1. I reinstalled Linux on my computer today after going 2 weeks without it. It’s pretty sweet. LXLE, seems to be the best distro I’ve tried for people who want Linux but can’t be bothered to really fuck with things for long. Though I did have to fix a bunch of packages with apt-get install -f command line.

        I’m putting it on my sister’s and mom’s computers.

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