A Modest Gainz

It came to me last month that I want to eat a lot of potatoes. So, eating lots of potatoes will be my resolution this year.

We went hiking at the end of December with some Americans and South Africans, and went for a meal afterwards. Most of us had sheperd’s pie, which came with a side of fried potato or chips. The noodle dishes also came with a potato option. Everything came with a potato option. The Americans laughed at this. They did not finish the potatoes served with the main.  I finished their potatoes.

This is not unusual in Ireland. It’s not unusual to to have multiple potato dishes at any meal, including breakfast.  Restaurants, apart from high-falutin’ ones,  will commonly serve multiple potato dishes. Boiled potatoes. Mashed. Fried. Chipped. Baked. Skins. Potato bread. Potato pancake (boxty). A type of mash with scallions (champ). A type of mash with kale (colcannon). Gratin potato.

Thing is, I’ve never really like potatoes growing up. Too many times I had waxy white potatoes, boiled, with no seasoning but sunflower margarine and pepper. Not even butter. And this is from a country that is famous for cheap grass-fed  butter.

I went for rice and beans when I cook, and avoided potato. But now, fluffy rice has lost its appeal. So I am returning to potatoes. Potatoes are like crack to Irish people. I’ve eaten 4kg of potatoes in the last two days. I go to sleep craving potatoes.


15 thoughts on “A Modest Gainz

  1. You’ll get pretty jacked, I think. Potatoes are pretty nutritious. It’s not like there’s anything else to eat. 4KG in a single day is pretty good. I’ve done about 1kg in a single meal, mashed. I don’t put a lot of butter or oil on my potatoes, though. But overall potatoes seem actually more nutritious than white rice, and per pound cost about the same.

      1. I would prefer duck or goose fat to vegetable oil, but haven’t seen any around the stores here (OTOH I can’t say I looked for it specifically either).

  2. The best part about potatoes (other than deliciousness) is the fact that they’re often on sale for a dirt cheap $0.40/lb. Welcome to Gainsville.

  3. Mr. Gainz, I have a finance related question for you. It’s about shoes. For Christmas I got some nice Asics shoes. They’re a bit thicker and probably better for winter/etc wear. I also bought myself a single pair of low top PF Flyers (basically Converse) for $16 shipped, and they’re currently in the box in my closet. I can buy another pair of high top PF Flyers for only $12 shipped. Normally these shoes cost about $50 per pair. But I already have an “extra” pair of shoes due to my first PF Flyers purchase. So should I buy the other pair of PF Flyers just due to their price now, and store them in my closet for up to a year? Or should I pass on them, and then a year from now worry about buying shoes? I have spare money for it, but not lots. In a year I hopefully will have more money, but $12 is not a major expense.

    What is your take? Is buying shoes for 20% of their normal cost and keeping them in your closet a good financial decision? The reason I ask is one time Walmart sold Vans knockoffs for $2 a piece, and I wish I bought all the pairs I could as I liked the shoes a lot. Alas, I’ve not found Vans knockoffs for $2 a piece again.

  4. Your feet aren’t likely to change size, so they are a good deal. Casual low tops are a classic style that wil not go out of fashion. You might also get a pair to vary your wardrobe. Get a solid block colour, or even go for white ones. Simple white plimsols make for a great preppy/athletic look. See if you can cop a varsity jacket too.

    You will always need shoes. My advice is go for it.

    1. My friend says I look European as I wear sweatpants but not cotton ones, only shiny polyester stretchy ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xozRc6I8pBU Like Boevski wears there. Sometimes I wear jeans, but lately I’ve just kept those on all day after skating, cuz why not? Dunno if this is varsity or not, but I have 4 Bundeswehr training jackets I now wear most days. http://www.varusteleka.com/pictures/1281.jpg To me it makes me feel like I am a mobile suit pilot. Don’t know anything about fashion, however my sister says I have better fashion sense than her boyfriend.

      Also my hesitance has made the shoes go up to $16 shipped in price now compared to $12 or $13. Sucks. My Asics are these: http://www.amazon.com/ASICS-Mens-Tokuten-Indoor-Soccer/dp/B0058C6O5K I’m hoping the gumsole makes it more durable. Seems it will.

      1. “My friend says I look European as I wear sweatpants but not cotton ones, only shiny polyester stretchy ones.”

        Ah yes. The ubiquitous Eastern European tuxedo:

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