Bootleg Korean Gundam


This is an American dub of the Korean bootleg Gundam series called Space Black Knight. The American version is called either Captain of Cosmos on DVD or Johnny Destiny – Space Ninja on VHS.

It features a mixture of the characters from Mobile Suit Gundam, who were clearly looking for work after MSG was cancelled.  If you like space adventure nonsense, or would like to see Char Anznable fighting Sayla Mass,  it is worth a watch for novelty only:

It has more of a Leiji Matsumoto feel than anything else. It just shares characters with MSG (including a green Dozle Zabi, what the fuck).


Went to a 72-hour games development jam last weekend. Learned a lot about the Unity engine, and development. We got our game made, which I was pleased with. I ended up meeting some people who were in my college a few years below me, and I teamed up with them. We ran into the usual problems: scope and  collision detection. You really are better off making something as small as possible. We did have some successes with the other assets: the game looked quite nice, and proved to me that art and sound assets can make a shitty platformer with simple puzzles play well.

When I was younger, I did want to make games but had absolutely no idea how to develop the skills to code. I read a lot about design philosophies, mechanics, and some terminology. I was also able to script and plan how events would take place. I mostly wrote stories for them.

There were going to be three:


A tactical turn-based RPG that focuses on managing social ties to have your squad perform better, and develop their skills. Story was roughly this: a conscript returns home after his national service, and murders someone to keep a secret. He goes on the run. He meets up with disabled war veterans, punks and disposessed aristocrats, who start a revolution against the government. It’s a top-down turn based tactics game. You would have a chance to react to enemy movements with suppressive fire, and characters could be linked together into a squad that was more effective. It’s set in 1930s Dieselpunk Europe.

Punks would hate vets. Vets would hate aristocrats. Aristocrats would hate Punks. Managing these personality conflicts and finding common ground between factions in your squads would take up the story.

Characters’ individual morale would play a big part – with punks needing to be close to others to feel comfortable, some characters panicking more easily, and “friendly fire” if the conflicts are not managed.

If managed correctly, the squads you chose would develop cohesion, and there would be enjoyable character interactions.

No Love Lost

A cyberpunk sandbox game set in a decaying Russian city in the 2050s. Your character starts in a waste compacter and has to escape before they are crushed. They have lost all their memories and abilities, but have only a song in their head. They seem to be a cyborg.

When they get on the street, they start to have options: help someone being mugged, or aid the muggers. As they grow in influence, they have the option to rebuild the city block by block. The character can be authoritarian or liberal. They can also be be benevolent or exploitative. The city, your zone of control and the events that happen will be changed by your choices.

The character rebuilds themselves and their memories. A third world war happened a decade ago – most of the movers and shakers in this city are cyberised. There are few people under 30. There are rumors of a technological singularity that started in this city, but something stopped it. Getting out of the city is almost impossible- there is a cordon, and the city is isolated. But new cyborgs come in every day.

As the game develops, and the character recovers their abilities, the machine that started the singularity contacts him, and tries to get his aid.  In the city, the machine could recover her power, then take over the world. All those who had been cybernetics, and all machines could rejoin the wider world. A second plotline starts: should you pit your city against the world?  Or should you fight the nascent machine god for humanity’s sake?

WWI/Irish Rebellion First Person Shooter

Two brothers from Liverpool fight in WW1 for different reasons: one fights for Queen and Country. The other fights in Dublin City for a free Irish republic. They stay in contact by letters. The actions of one brother affect the other brother’s levels. Ultimately, the player has the chance to end their fighting, or choose one story over the other. Both will have to face the bitterness of the War of Independence, and the Irish Civil War that followed.

The brother in Europe contends with trench warfare. The brother in Ireland must scrape together enough shotguns, pikes and potatoes to be in with a chance of holding out against the British.

It was going to be made for the 1916 centenary of the Easter Rising that kicked off Irish independence. Still possible!


10 thoughts on “Bootleg Korean Gundam

  1. I thought of a game yesterday. After nuclear winter sets in over the Ukraine conflict, a Jet Set Radio sequel set in Moscow with the main character wearing figure skates.

  2. So I finished putting together a 1.100 scale Zaku I last night, Zaku I “Real Type” I was very surprised. It’s actually almost 100% color molded. 3 colors of plastic, the only thing according to the tree that “needs” painting is the backpack and the backpack jets. For 560 yen, not a bad kit at all.

    1. The old and sorta ghetto terrible method that’s somewhat famous is use a sharpie marker, and then use alcohol to wipe the marker away. I did this as a kid and it looks OK, but the problem is the Sharpie isn’t black, it’s like purpleish black, so the lines aren’t 100%. I think I got better results using an India ink/some sort of art pen of my sister’s and using rubbing alcohol the same way, however I’ve not done panels in a long long time. If you notice, marking off panels is kind of a modern thing. Like if you look at the demo kit on a box from the 80s, panels won’t be marked off, but then in the 90s it became a thing. The 80s MSV kits instead of molding in a lot of panel lines, instead decided to give a boatload of pin stripe decals/etc on the “Real Type” kits. Also, I think too, I experimented in “washing” panel lines in with black paint, too, as in get thinned out black paint, brush it on, wipe it off. But I think the India ink pen and alcohol worked best. I’ve not done panel lines on anything again as I don’t have an art pen anymore. Hmm, I think even like, a black kids marker worked better than a Sharpie, as the black kid’s marker is still a true black, and not a purple-ish black like a Sharpie.

  3. Unrelated, but Poland it looks like has a nice low household debt to income ratio. 54% as of 2009. USA I think is around 120%. Damn, Ireland was at 198. wut.

    I should get some credit cards so I can buy more Gundam kits.

    1. True, but Poland’s average household debt has more than doubled over the past 10 years. Availability and price of credit influence indebtedness. Also household debt includes mortgages, so affluent countries (where housing is expensive) tend to score high on the debt-to-income ratio chart (200 and above). Denmark has cracked 300% and the Dutch are getting close. Mortgages are an investment, unlike “garbage” debt, i.e. credit card debt.

      1. Not quite sure about mortgages being an investment. I mean they could be if you buy low and sell high, but by the logic of mortgages being an investment everyone would be better off buying a 1980s Camaro and keeping it in their yard for years because 20 years from now it’ll be worth more than you paid for it after repainting it and doing it all over to sell. Everyone would say doing that is retarded pipe dream logic, but for some reason it’s acceptable with a house.

        That said, my Supra is worth 5K locally (if I fix it) now after 5 years, was $1500 in 09. I did better than buying a house.

        I’m gonna go on CNBC and promote my cars as investment plan.

      2. “but by the logic of mortgages being an investment everyone would be better off buying a 1980s Camaro and keeping it in their yard for years because 20 years from now it’ll be worth more than you paid for it after repainting it and doing it all over to sell.”

        The two examples have… absolutely nothing to do with each other.

        You a) can’t live in a Camaro while waiting for it to appreciate (well, you could, but it wouldn’t be very pleasant), b) you would have to constantly paint and repair the vehicle over the 20 years, and still wouldn’t make the purchase price back in the end, and c) you’ll generally sell your house for more than you paid for it, provided that you wait long enough. The only way to screw yourself over with real estate is if you have to dump the house because you can’t afford the payments. Besides, if you only break even, or lose money on the house sale, you’ll have saved 25-30 years’ worth of $$$ you’d otherwise have thrown away on rent.

      3. Houses can be like Camaros, though. Houses need to be repainted. Houses need their bathrooms fixed. Their roof’s fixed. You know how much getting a new roof costs? About 6-10K easy. In my house anyway, some roofers actually turned down the job because they said due to the design of the roof it couldn’t be warrantied because of the roof’s design making it fail every 10 years, so every 10 years 6-10K there. Bathroom fixing, 3-5K easy. Even things like paint, you have to generally repaint your house every few years as well, it’s at least $200 per room for that, and exterior of a house is $2000-3000 easy. Even paint by itself is $20-30 a gallon easily, and the average room needs 2 or so. By that comparison your Camaro seems pretty low maintenance and trouble free.

        The only reason I say this is all these costs are things that have come up in my house and to save my mom money I have to adapt and learn the skills to fix them. Houses are a bitch, and it’s way more convenient to just rent unless you buy a house dirt cheap and can budget enough money for the very regular maintenance a house needs and/or do it all yourself (which makes oil changes seem like a cakewalk,) otherwise at best it’s the same price as renting. IE, my house is $1100 a month to rent iirc, if we got the roof we needed done, figure 10K over 5 years, your rent is now 1300 over 5 years, because of the addition of $200 per month needed to pay the roof. Add in 3K for getting our bathroom flooring redone (leaking cement baseboards, not just vanity retile) that’s another $100 over 3 years, so now $1400. Then let’s figure, eh, $100 a month on sundry items like caulk or toilet repair kits or whatever at Lowes or Home Depot (stores you never need to shop at with an apartment,) you’re at $1500 a month, the price we were paying for a luxury 3 bedroom apartment with a pool, racquetball court and small gym on site, and that $1500 is with a lot more headaches at that, too. Hell, no need to pay, what, $50 a month for trash collection at the apartment, either!

        To some extent, it depends on house quality. The house I’m living in now is ex-government built projects. They’re pretty poorly built, and the cycle generally goes like this. House gets super screwed up in combination of owners who don’t care and poor construction (ie, my father was telling me in his old house here when he took drywall down there was no insulation in it at all in some places, and they were 1970s built.) Flipper buys said house for 20-50K. Fixes it up, sometimes well, sometimes not well, but usually puts new cabinets and paint up so things look good. Sells it for 100+K. New owner comes in, house succumbs to poor construction/bad flipper/apathetic owner entropy, house shortsales again for 20-50K, then gets resold for 100-120K. Then all the problems come up, owners can’t fix them as they moved into the house because hey, the mortgage payment would be cheaper than an apartment, right?! Then house is sold at a loss again, home owners move back to an apartment.

        Obviously what you’re talking about is true, with people buying a 300K house and .0005% downpayments and whatever, but this is the other side of the coin about why people walk away from houses, as I’m seeing this in my neighborhood.

        I would not say houses are investments unless you are a flipper buying them broken, or buying real estate in an area that’s likely to experience development (ie, buying houses in San Francisco in the 80s and 90s.) The housing market has been artificially inflated in price (by those nice .0005% down mortgages that allow anyone to get a home) and people will soon see the reality that for the most part a house is like buying any other appliance, not a magical investment.

  4. “Houses are a bitch, and it’s way more convenient to just rent unless you buy a house dirt cheap and can budget enough money for the very regular maintenance a house needs and/or do it all yourself (which makes oil changes seem like a cakewalk,) otherwise at best it’s the same price as renting.”

    Right, but even if you’re paying more for a monthly mortgage installment (and all associated costs of ownership) than you would in rent, it still works out in your favor when you’ve paid it off and sold it… because you get sales proceeds back, while with rent it’s nothing but money out the window.


    Buy $200k house, repay loan over 20 years = pay $14,500 per year in mortgage (with interest)
    Pay interest @ 4%, or ca. $90k
    Spend another $40k on maintenance and repairs
    Total spent at end of 20 years = $330,000
    Value of house at end of period = $400K (assuming a pessimistic low rate of value increase, like 3.5%)
    Sell house at value, or even at 90% value, and you’ve recovered everything you’ve spent, plus a bit more.


    Rent house for 20 years at same rent as above mortgage = pay $14,500 per year in rent
    Total spent at end of 20 years = $290,000
    Money recovered at end of 20 years = zero.

    This assuming that rent never goes up once in 20 years.

    Even if you sell the above house at a loss, you’re still better off than renting over the same period of time.

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