Gear Queer

Bought an entry-level roadbike off a guy who rode it 50km and gave up. The 2013 Trek Alpha 1.2. 9 speed. 2 rings.  Just €500. No major issues with it yet, apart from no fenders. Getting fenders that clear the wheels might be hard.  They are a necessity in Ireland, where it rains about 151 days of the year on the East coast. Should save some time having to wipe down the frame, and keep the headset cleaner. Don’t really care about getting filthy because I change out of cycling gear. Wet ass unpleasant though.

Front derailleur rubs in higher gears, but only some of the time. Doesn’t seem to rub when you start in a low gear on the small ring, then switch to the larger ring, then shift up gears. Probably fix it this weekend. Definitely needed cycling shorts for a road bike. thankfully Lidl had them for €10. Got two, plus a jersey and undershirt.

All this makes a big difference from the 15kg hybrid with fat wheels.

It means I can do the 9km in about 20 mins, and the hills and headwind don’t bother me as much. It’s also fucking fun: the road bike does at a moderate effort what the hybrid does at all out sprint on the flat. Which means I don’t get pissed off getting into work, and I get some time in the morning to chill out. Getting more core and glute activation in there is always good too. The spandex shit means I can stay cool on the way in and home, so I’m not in a mad sweat. Not wearing underwear under the shorts means no sweaty crack or spicy taint.

Do miss the disc brakes on the hybrid somewhat. The stock brakes are unbranded, and need a good squeeze coming down hills.

Entering a velo prison cell tho. At least it’s fun now.

The sys admin job is fine. First time working in an office with all men. Greatly prefer it to big 4, for a lot of reasons. Material for a new post.


7 thoughts on “Gear Queer

  1. Not that I can really really compare, but I felt the same way with an 80s road bike compared to a cheap Chinese “mountain bike” too, when I was 16-17 years old.

  2. “The spandex shit means I can stay cool on the way in and home, so I’m not in a mad sweat.”

    Plus you get an excuse to wear spandex, which is awesome.

    1. To be honest I am very skeptical of spandex. For bike riding I have no idea because I don’t do it. But for some reason women need to wear it to do martial arts or lifting. My opinion is that if there is not an important reason that you need spandex you should refrain. Again not a comment on bike ridings as I haven’t gone more than a mile on a bicycle in twenty years

      1. Am more in agreement with Coach about spandex. Do not understand this new trend among men of gym tights. I will continue to wear track pants forever and ever.

        However I recently started wearing boxer briefs and this indeed is mostly a life improvement. So maybe wearing spandex everywhere actually is great.

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