Real Amine Training


Found the end of that creatine tub in a lunchbox today. It expired 4 years ago. Also found this picture I made years ago. Slurping down those natty Homura juices.


6 thoughts on “Real Amine Training

  1. Finished 0083. Liked Kou’s whole progression. Also it definitely makes more sense to watch it after Zeta than before. Very good prequel. But I’m running out of UC Gundam soon. I might have to watch Gundam Unicorn soon, I’ve been putting it off.

  2. If it’s relatively stable and stored well, probably?

    I used it it 2 years ago, after 2 years of it being expired, and put about 5-8% on my lifts.

    Might take 5g a day, see if it has any effect on the “lifting” I do now.

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