Dead friends and CAT6

Our accounts guy sliced open his finger with a pen knife i gave him. Simply opening a box. And I was the only engineer in. So he’s pumping blood all over the keyboard and mouse, then the kitchen walls and plates and dishes.
I don’t even fucking know he did it. He used to work in a butchers.

So I give him first aid while trying to get two mail servers back up. Get a plaster on it. He cleans up with blood which has dripped over the counters and even on the walls. Then he tries typing before it stops bleeding, and the plaster falls off. His table is covered in blood. I thought at the time he was very concerned about getting a quote in, but it must have been adrenaline confusing him. He kept working despite bleeding everywhere.

And the cycle starts again until I sit him down, put pressure on it, elevate it, and bandage it. All while I’m on a call on my headset. Kind of crazy day. Back out to the galvanizing factory tomorrow.

Getting into the whole networking thing as I learn more. The wireless networking exam hammered home for me how much I prefer networks and computer architecture to development.  And the exams are over now. Just waiting to see if they’ll grant me a deferral because the back and neck were at me when projects were due.

A friend from my Law class in college killed themselves last Friday. They had recently been posting about how they had struggled with depression. Real fucking shame, he’d been working in a law firm and had finished his Masters. Had thicktightsolid quads from all the road cycling he did. Just awful. I never got in touch with him once we left college 3 years ago, but had always meant to meet again. Ain’t happening now. It feels like the black death creeping over your extended network – some people getting sick and recovering, some dead forever. So sorry for his parents and close friends. RIP Podge.

That kind of hit me for six all weekend. Things are OK at the moment. But getting some angst about sexuality and gender identity. Probably connected to his death. Also because Ireland is having a referendum on same sex marriage this Friday, all that teenage stuff is coming back up. The gender or sexuality stuff tends to crop up every few months, then dies back down. Bit intense Monday Tuesday. OK today.

Girlfriend got an offer of a job in Bath, England. So I think after his death I really have to hit the road and get on with life.

Back benching babby DBs at 10kg x10. It’s something.



Slowly getting my friends into Future Funk/Vapourwave. From there, it’s just a small skip into Italo-disco.

Robots were returned to Japan – going to pay EMS at €30 to get them fucking delivered. They’ve gone 19,000km. Probably karma for getting a HG and RG for  4c due to pricing error.

Got some Arduinos and electronics stuff coming. Have to teach myself some electronic engineering. Teaching myself physics for a wireless comms exam this weekend. It’s fine. It’s OK to come later in life to maths.

Exams are nearly over. Haven’t heard any more about deferral on the projects, so I am assuming it’s OK once documentation is in. Programming course is also nearly done. Still feel like my knowledge is rudimentary. Liked the computer architecture, ASM, networking and databases. Java was OK. Did not like mobile development. Did not like web development. Want to do some security and encryption work: have a client requesting encryption rolled out across 10+ machines. Could be leveraged into some proper security work down the line.

On a big install in a galvanizing plant at the moment. About 45 PCs, 9 laptops, plus 3 servers and firewalls for all. They are going to 5 locations around Ireland.

We are using the HQ as a lab to test all 51 machines. Just give them static IPs to simulate their different locations. 22 virtual machines running at the moment on one server rack. These will be split up amongst the other 4 sites.

The galvanizing plant is right beside my girlfriend’s house, and I was always curious about what it was like inside. And now I know! So that was nice.

Lifted 450kg of equipment today. Then got clones of a “golden image” of 8.1 with the suite of programs they wanted on them all. Did a little messing around with the firewalls. Supposed to have a KVM to let me control multiple machines with the same mouse & keyboard, and one monitor. But the cables were 1 USB, and 1 PS/2, so the new PCs couldn’t get input. Plus there was no power supply.  Needed 9v 1amp. Their IT guy put 12v into it, and I watched it die. First time I’d ever seen the magic blue smoke like that.

Supposed to have 9 SSDs and a caddy for the laptops from the supplier. Instead, they sent 1 SSD and 9 caddies. We complained, and they sent another 8 caddies… what the fuck. Eventually got the SSDs. Can’t help but think someone send the caddies for SSDs thinking “Hey, these SSDs are great value!” #justITthings.

Pretty lonely in a server room all day for two days. And had to bring a toolbox. Does bringing a toolbox to work make you working class?

All in all, it was fine. Beats the time I had to reinstall 30 XP machines with CD ROMs in the schools.

We dream of Celia

Dreamt I was in the US and visited Celicaxx. Wwe went to an Asian supermarket, drove around and went ice skating together. I admired his Gundam models and visited his Church. The state was Iowa: which I don’t know anything about. We rode dirt bikes through lush countryside.

Maybe triggered by this anime/weightlifting group I set up in 2011 that’s still going. Went back to them this year after a 4 year break, and they had all met up IRL and become buddies. Some had gone on vacation together to Hong Kong for hookers and dim sum, and Japan for dank anime. Kinda nice. I prepared one for a Big 4 interview last month. He got the job – was grateful. Adding them on LinkedIn is nice. Some of the group shares a thing for chubby Asians, so they invited me on the next Japan trip for a foreigner fourway. Probably a little too lewd for me, and also have to save Japan for the honeymoon.

Probably going to be [re]Starting Strength again. Up to 79kg bw.

Back benching. Chins are 2×10. See how we go with DB squats before we get on to BB.

Thoracic spine has been very tight during exam season. Getting physio for it.