We dream of Celia

Dreamt I was in the US and visited Celicaxx. Wwe went to an Asian supermarket, drove around and went ice skating together. I admired his Gundam models and visited his Church. The state was Iowa: which I don’t know anything about. We rode dirt bikes through lush countryside.

Maybe triggered by this anime/weightlifting group I set up in 2011 that’s still going. Went back to them this year after a 4 year break, and they had all met up IRL and become buddies. Some had gone on vacation together to Hong Kong for hookers and dim sum, and Japan for dank anime. Kinda nice. I prepared one for a Big 4 interview last month. He got the job – was grateful. Adding them on LinkedIn is nice. Some of the group shares a thing for chubby Asians, so they invited me on the next Japan trip for a foreigner fourway. Probably a little too lewd for me, and also have to save Japan for the honeymoon.

Probably going to be [re]Starting Strength again. Up to 79kg bw.

Back benching. Chins are 2×10. See how we go with DB squats before we get on to BB.

Thoracic spine has been very tight during exam season. Getting physio for it.


2 thoughts on “We dream of Celia

  1. Sometimes I have daydreams where I go to Ireland and meet you, and then you introduce me to Clarence Kennedy and we train together and Clarence magically makes me clean 150kg or so by him being in the room with me. He goes ice skating with me after, I teach him stuff for 15 minutes, then does a triple axel and quits the sport and goes back to lifting, and then cleans 230kg later that night but misses the jerk by it being a little out in front of him. Clarence doesn’t wanna go back to the hotel to watch Macross with me, but instead wants to watch the live action Death Note movies at his home with his friend Tomek.

    Then I go to your house and you say “sorry, I gotta get up for work tomorrow Cel.” (everyone in Ireland in my US mind lives about 15 minutes away from each other max.)

    Then I go back to my hotel and drink 4 bottles of Guinness in bed, falling asleep at bottle 4 and leave it half drank, watching Macross DYRL on DVD by myself, as a yearly ritual of sorts.

    In good news, my mom kinda wants to go to Ireland for a vacation, but it probably won’t ever happen.

    I am glad I apparently have my own personal fanclub due to this whole wordpress thing.

    And wow, r/juicyasians and r/thickasians for me as well (though I only have maybe 5 posts on reddit or something.)

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