Slowly getting my friends into Future Funk/Vapourwave. From there, it’s just a small skip into Italo-disco.

Robots were returned to Japan – going to pay EMS at €30 to get them fucking delivered. They’ve gone 19,000km. Probably karma for getting a HG and RG for  4c due to pricing error.

Got some Arduinos and electronics stuff coming. Have to teach myself some electronic engineering. Teaching myself physics for a wireless comms exam this weekend. It’s fine. It’s OK to come later in life to maths.

Exams are nearly over. Haven’t heard any more about deferral on the projects, so I am assuming it’s OK once documentation is in. Programming course is also nearly done. Still feel like my knowledge is rudimentary. Liked the computer architecture, ASM, networking and databases. Java was OK. Did not like mobile development. Did not like web development. Want to do some security and encryption work: have a client requesting encryption rolled out across 10+ machines. Could be leveraged into some proper security work down the line.

On a big install in a galvanizing plant at the moment. About 45 PCs, 9 laptops, plus 3 servers and firewalls for all. They are going to 5 locations around Ireland.

We are using the HQ as a lab to test all 51 machines. Just give them static IPs to simulate their different locations. 22 virtual machines running at the moment on one server rack. These will be split up amongst the other 4 sites.

The galvanizing plant is right beside my girlfriend’s house, and I was always curious about what it was like inside. And now I know! So that was nice.

Lifted 450kg of equipment today. Then got clones of a “golden image” of 8.1 with the suite of programs they wanted on them all. Did a little messing around with the firewalls. Supposed to have a KVM to let me control multiple machines with the same mouse & keyboard, and one monitor. But the cables were 1 USB, and 1 PS/2, so the new PCs couldn’t get input. Plus there was no power supply.  Needed 9v 1amp. Their IT guy put 12v into it, and I watched it die. First time I’d ever seen the magic blue smoke like that.

Supposed to have 9 SSDs and a caddy for the laptops from the supplier. Instead, they sent 1 SSD and 9 caddies. We complained, and they sent another 8 caddies… what the fuck. Eventually got the SSDs. Can’t help but think someone send the caddies for SSDs thinking “Hey, these SSDs are great value!” #justITthings.

Pretty lonely in a server room all day for two days. And had to bring a toolbox. Does bringing a toolbox to work make you working class?

All in all, it was fine. Beats the time I had to reinstall 30 XP machines with CD ROMs in the schools.


5 thoughts on “V I B E S

  1. tfw when stuff you’ve liked for at least half a decade now gets cool and hip and mainstream and nobody cares you did it first.

    I guess I like the above sort of music, as in like, it doesn’t sound bad, but really all it is, is someone DJing songs like this together. Fail to see how it’s a new musical genre. Been on the italo streak since at least 07 sometime as well. It’d be one thing if it was sampled, but it doesn’t even seem to be really sampled, just played in entirety.

    It’s fine, it’s all fine. As the Korean rap song goes “Don’t forget, I’m a motherfuckin’ trend setter, all my shit very rare, never seen it have you?” Too bad being the first to bring out something never actually works as a business/coolness/popularity decision.

    brb everyone in 10 years will be figure skating, saying “SICK FUCKIN’ TRIPLE AXEL BRAH” to each other, whilst listening to remixed Japanese music, and they will still see me and go “man what a fucking weird loser.”

  2. Mr Gains, have you ever heard the American equivalent of Italodisco? It’s called freestyle. I find lots of old records of this type of stuff where I live for nothing, ex-DJ stuff. I find it at least in spirit to be pretty similar to italo, though.

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