They died natty

A dude died last month from DNP and the story was in the news today.

Somehow, this got linked to my college classmate – who had died by other means. The story was run with his photo and details. The newspapers had gotten their sources wrong, and the police had leaked details of both separately. The tabloid in question put these together, and the story was circulated in the media. Luckily, our classmates were lawyers, and got the story taken down as quickly as possible. Feel bad for his family and close friends though.

Unlikely he chose DNP as a means to end his life.


Had first two interviews this week over Skype – both were a stretch for me. One was a data centre engineer in a university, and the other was second line support in a large company. Struck out with both. Don’t really have any qualifications. Think this was a big reason, even if I interview well.

By contrast, an IT guy in company we support has several dozen certs, is in his 40s, but was unable to run OS X’s task manager and shut down a program with a memory leak. He’s making 75k, and called one of our dudes on site to do it. I think no one takes you seriously until you’re 35. Probably just stall until then. Turned 25 last week. Feel burnt out. Hope the change of scenery remedies this temporarily.

DSL was down for 2 days. Up today after threat to switch provider.

Ex-gfs are all getting married and knocked up. Almost all work in retail – probably dodged many bullets. But thought I’d have impregnated by now. Gotta give it time. Moving in is the first step.

Novel is up to 25k words. Maybe 500 words a day.

Not lifting jack shit apart from rehab. Pain free. Trying to see as many friends as I can before leaving. Boozing has tripled as a result. Had some very good times.

Getting about 100 miles a week on the bike. Cadence is getting better. More flexible. Better position. More endurance and power output.

Have a place secured to live in Bath. No job yet. Just gotta trust it will come together.


Halcyon and On

Heading to the UK. Got our apartment organised. Woman went over to view it. Don’t have a job yet, but getting multiple calls from recruiters. Who are offering jobs in Ireland… fuck them. Jobs are mostly IT support. Prefer network engineering. Once I have more projects on Github, and feel comfortable, could go for development jobs. Really want a job in a college there for £25k. Close to the apartment, plus free gym and canteen. Could be some serious gains to realise. She’s making £21k. I’m looking at anything between £20-28k. Might be a step down in terms of earnings divided by outgoings. But worth it as time to hit the road and start living. Plus woman can’t survive without me, and I always said I’d help support her in a career she likes. Seeing her miserable as a secretary/data entry wasn’t worth it. So likely over there start of August.

Council Tax:
Potential Bills:
Heating and Lighting:
Hot Water:
Minimum monthly costs:
Place is not very well insulated, so we will be going full Eastern Yuropean and putting carpets/tapestries on everything. See if we can get a samovar going and save on constantly boiling kettles for tea.
Looked at a cottage on a hill, but it’s one of the steepest paved surfaces in England. No way we were getting a bike up that every day. They even held an uphill event on it:  Place we are offered is much closer to town.
Just have to get a job, or find family in the UK to act as a guarantor for the rent.
Though I like the place I’m working, I think it’s time to get out of Ireland. I’ll miss the people I’m working with, and I feel a little bad for leaving so soon.