Halcyon and On

Heading to the UK. Got our apartment organised. Woman went over to view it. Don’t have a job yet, but getting multiple calls from recruiters. Who are offering jobs in Ireland… fuck them. Jobs are mostly IT support. Prefer network engineering. Once I have more projects on Github, and feel comfortable, could go for development jobs. Really want a job in a college there for £25k. Close to the apartment, plus free gym and canteen. Could be some serious gains to realise. She’s making £21k. I’m looking at anything between £20-28k. Might be a step down in terms of earnings divided by outgoings. But worth it as time to hit the road and start living. Plus woman can’t survive without me, and I always said I’d help support her in a career she likes. Seeing her miserable as a secretary/data entry wasn’t worth it. So likely over there start of August.

Council Tax:
Potential Bills:
Heating and Lighting:
Hot Water:
Minimum monthly costs:
Place is not very well insulated, so we will be going full Eastern Yuropean and putting carpets/tapestries on everything. See if we can get a samovar going and save on constantly boiling kettles for tea.
Looked at a cottage on a hill, but it’s one of the steepest paved surfaces in England. No way we were getting a bike up that every day. They even held an uphill event on it: http://cyclinguphill.com/100-climbs/weston-hill-bath/.  Place we are offered is much closer to town.
Just have to get a job, or find family in the UK to act as a guarantor for the rent.
Though I like the place I’m working, I think it’s time to get out of Ireland. I’ll miss the people I’m working with, and I feel a little bad for leaving so soon.

6 thoughts on “Halcyon and On

  1. Mr. Gains, I started writing a story about a month ago but quit, and wish for help/ideas to move it along. I got a bit inspired by VOTOMS with this story.

    My story takes place in a new calender era. My idea is that the internet and the massive governmental datamining from it on a mass scale currently happening has a purpose. To create immortality. Many have given the idea of “wouldn’t it be great to upload my brain so I could be immortal?” Well, if you think about it, the internet is already making this happen. Normal people and their facebook stuff, but then messageboard posts, etc. My idea is, if you connect everyone’s posts together and could make an ID based off them via IPs/DNS addresses, a lot of people have enough shit posted on the internet in the totality of their life to make a composite of them, enough to create a virtual AI of them, basically, a person. So my idea is, for my story, the internet now exists as a founding block for the new Tower of Babel for humanity. But instead of trying to reach up into the sky, we’re using it to attain immortality.

    I’m undecided where to go after, though. Should be virtual people created a hundred or more years later from their old internet composites be left in the virtual world, more just a curiosity or a holodeck of sorts for their loved ones? I’d like to bring my main character back in a body of some kind, though, his composite. And I’d like to make my character be somewhat like the Savage in Brave New World. In this new world, one of the main defining points will be massive atheism, and I’d like my character to be hardcore religious and old world like. Have him die somehow right about now in time and have his current self made from the internet composite of him be transported to the future. I’m undecided too, if he or the other composites would get a cyborg body or be cloned/test tube created, and then have artificial memories made of their composite memories posted to the internet fed through them somehow, and then have them released. I’d like my character to be one of the oldest composites ever made, because he was a loser enough to type out so much shit on the internet in giant paragraphs talking about his life and viewpoints from a very young age, so there was enough text data alone to make something.

    For the conflicts, I’d like to have a religious conflict. My character is a creation of man, but then paradoxically is hardcore religious and not an atheist like all the people around him in the current world are. For another conflict, I guess for the run up, I’d like to have him choose between destroying the new Tower of Babel creating a false immortality on Earth, or choosing to keep it going, so he can continue to exist and possibly keep his composite friends and memories alive. Maybe somewhere along the line a discovery of things not in his memory deliberately withheld from him by his creators.

    I probably posted a bit too much for just a comment, but I’d like your thoughts on this story setup. So far I couldn’t really get past the first page, but even just typing what I typed here got me forward.

    1. I’d read it.

      Most important thing is to start writing it and don’t think too much about starting it.

      It’ll build itself as you write it more – characters will take shape, and the themes of the story will become more clear.

      Just try and write about how the character is feeling and thinking in that moment. I think it’s a good choice of character to explore the world.

      Also read more fiction. It’ll help.

  2. “I’m undecided too, if he or the other composites would get a cyborg body or be cloned/test tube created, and then have artificial memories made of their composite memories posted to the internet fed through them somehow, and then have them released.”

    Why not go the virtual reality route, i.e. no physical body but a composite avatar in a virtual world hosted on massive servers? And maybe one server is self-aware and becomes god in this world (and all the parallel virtual universes)? And then it’s kinda sorta ironic, because man had to create god in order to find him, and your religious character has some sort of cathartic revelation, etc., etc.

    Bonus for including Heavyarms machines walking around for no apparent reason.

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