Heatsink for the soul

Went over to the UK Tuesday for an interview. Got offered the job that evening. That’s a load off my mind. At least I have something going over.

It’s for an IT Support engineer job. Seems I’ll be out on client sites for most of it, occasionally coming back to the office. They see me doing some development work down the line. Which is nice to have.  They want a lot of documentation for the job, more than any other previous job. The interview was very thorough on technical experience, and I was glad I studied up on everything I’ve been doing in terms of networking, servers, computer architecture and web design. They also asked me several illegal and potentially discriminatory questions like “Are you Catholic or Protestant”, “What age are you?” “Are you married?” “Do you intend to start a family?”. That left a bad taste in my mouth leaving interview and has put me on guard since. My experience is still basic. Likely they want me on helpdesk and support for a few years.

They offered me £18k, but I countered with £20k. At today’s exchange rate, that’s more than my current salary of €28.5k. They accepted this and I began getting referencing together.

One worry I have is Bath is markedly more expensive than Dublin running on these figures: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Ireland&city1=Dublin&country2=United+Kingdom&city2=Bath&displayCurrency=GBP

But that doesn’t reflect the money the woman and I spent commuting from Dublin to Belfast every weekend, so there’s a good chunk of money saved. It’s hard to say how much more expensive Bath will actually be.

Apartment we’ll be staying in is a listed building 200+ years old. Views are very nice, and place central in Bath. But only single glazed. Will likely have to do some DIY insulation on it, like shrink wrapping windows, and filling cracks.

After the stress of trying to get a new job, while trying to organizing emigrating, and getting a new place to live, feeling depressed. Libido down.  Diet has been 4 snickers bars for lunch and 4 vodkas for dinner at least four times this fortnight.   Warning signs. Realizing that I probably had a nervous breakdown about March last year. Was getting panic attacks when trying to sleep about three weeks ago, but able to box it off until I had a job and home secured. Falling asleep with bronze cross in my hands praying for strength helped – got that cross at 7 year old. Struck by how small it feels in an adult’s hands. Maybe worth getting a larger one for progressive overload now that I am grown. Like a heatsink for the soul. Cracking up a little now that these trials are over. Writing has stopped. Feeling lost on the characters and themes. Probably best to keep journal and talk about it.

Still have to find the energy to finish the dissertation and the Server Side project. Consequences would be fairly dire to not complete the course, as getting the job is dependent on passing the course. Got 11 days – it’s possible.

Going to try keep it ticking over, but worst case scenario I have to repeat in August/Sept. Medium case scenario I turn in any old crap and I scrape a pass. That’s all I want. Don’t like working with Android studio and don’t like Ruby on Rails.


7 thoughts on “Heatsink for the soul

  1. i will pray for you – it helps if you have a first name. don’t know if dear God please send unrealised gains some realized gains will be effective. St. Michael medallion strongly recommended for paratroopers; is there a patron saint of IT support engineers?

    1. The patron saint of engineers is supposedly St. Patrick: the Irish patron saint. He brought lime mortar and advanced ceramics to Ireland.

      The proposed saint of the internet is Saint Isidore of Seville – he cataloged ancient texts which would otherwise have been lost. He also has a chivalric order attached to his name, for Christians who work with the internet!

      My name is Peter.
      Thanks bro.

  2. Congrats on the job, be prepared for a lot of questions like, are you from the south or north, and possibly a lot of potato jokes.

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