Critical Path

Over here since Saturday now. Bath is very nice.

Lot of stuff to get set up in the first week of emigrating to another country – bank accounts, utilities, phones and internet. Along with registering with the National Health Service and the tax/benefits authorities. All these activities are interdependent, but some are more vital than others. Some can be done in paralell.

The length of time of time to complete all of these essential elements is the “critical path” – less essential items can be delayed without affecting the essential elements.  We have a week to get as much as we can organised.

At the same time, I have to present two final projects remotely. One is the Server Side project I’ve been struggling with, and the other is the final dissertation. The Server Side project was a simple shopping cart I made in Ruby on Rails, but the lecturer was dissatisfied with it and said he wouldn’t pass me. He gave me another 4 days to rework it and present next Monday. So that’s a pain, but it’s better than having to wait a whole year to repeat it.

The dissertation project is a simple financial analysis tool with a calculator made in Android studio. A lot of it hinges on the presentation and how I can spin it. It’s very basic. I hope to pass, at least. The project is 10 credits, while the Server Side module is 5. I’ve passed everything else this year, and plan to get out with a Honours grade. I can compensate for 5 credits failed. At this stage, I need to get moving on life in the UK, and can’t devote more resources after next Monday.

I think I decided about March this year, once I had gotten a job, that the course was not worth keeping up. Didn’t feel like it was getting me employable skills. I realise now that I was still recovering from the breakdown I had getting out of Big 4. It took about 6 months to be pain free and feel normal again.  I guess it was ambitious to be working full time post March and trying to attend college in the evenings and weekends – this was exactly what fucked me up in Big 4. But it’s nearly done now.

The project management techniques I learned in Big 4 were great for making reports and charts, but as we’ve discovered as lifters and mopers, you can’t plot a 5lb gain on a lift forever. Real life has a habit of getting in the way. And you can’t ignore fundamentals. Guess I’m just not as smart, organised or able as I thought I was at 21. Glad I’m making that realisation at 25 and not at 45.

The Georgian building we are in has a large overgrown garden. Before I went, got a gift of a Mora knife and a Swedish axe from some friends. I am in the process of clearing out the garden, which will probably take a few weeks.We share the garden with 2 other apartments – obviously they had no interest or ability to clear it. The garden has a small amount of trash dumped in it, and some glass bottle and beer tins. If I clear it out, will it just become a nuisance for us? I can’t be around to police it all the time. So I am thinking just a cut back and a minimal clear – no scultping, and enough to make people uncomfortable. Would like to be growing herbs and vegetables next spring, but soil and light likely unsuitable. We’ll have to see. Have cleared a small space to dry clothes, at the very least.

The 200 year old building has an extensive basement and cellars. Never lived somewhere with a basement before, so this is very exciting. Might see if I can check the temperatures for some brewing. It’s dank, as expected of an unoccupied 200 year old basement so probably have to clean it out before using it.

If it doesn’t go well, and I fail the college year, I guess it’s just a setback I have to deal with. There are other things on the table that I have to focus on.


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