if (willtolive() == 0) get [out] “of this chickenshit outfit”;

Passed my exams and got my degree with second class honours. So that is great to have.  But thinking it’s time to ask for more development in the job, or get out.

Job is OK, but the 2 days of development are starting to get eaten into by the helpdesk stuff. About 50% of the days there have been pretty shit as a result. And working in the evenings on .NET and C# is not really feasible. A lot of things are frustrating about the company.

The managed services company is heavy on middle managers, who seem underskilled. They tend to micromanage when it doesn’t matter, and then give lacking instructions at the initial step. There’s a large skill deficit at my level and the middle level. It’s only made up by the instant messaging service we have.

The other 3 days I’m struggling to enjoy. There isn’t enough work or space for 3 people, which means you have to look busy, which is exhausting. The architect’s firm contracts for a certain number of hours, and I have to be there to make them up, even if there isn’t much to do in that office. So instead I end up doing remote work for other clients with their IT partner breathing down my neck, and my middle managers hounding me. It’s not pleasant.

Like most sysadmin/helpdesk jobs covering multiple sites, there are a lot of plates to keep spinning. What’s most depressing about IT support jobs is the lack of control you have over your work. You don’t really get a say in any of it. And I don’t think helpdesks are a “route” to anywhere better. Either you leave or you stay and take salary increments.

You always have to be watching your back as well. Said middle managers act pleasant and friendly – but have no problem assigning work that is outside of your control and making the lack of success your problem. Like delivery of a server router that hinges on a logistics company. Because it’s so political, you have to keep your nose clean. We all share the same helpdesk accounts, so there’s no real metric for tracking our performance. Just our political status.

The core of the company is around a religious group. They are very into it: I read a performance review that stated the middle manager was working “for the glory of God and [company name]”. The same dude intentionally misled a co-worker into working a 13-hour Saturday, knowing he would only be paid his normal hours.

I’m in a weird position too – more junior than my co-worker at my level, but paid more. So he resents that I think.  He’s realistic about the job and the company, but I think he’s tied to the job financially.

I don’t want to be in that position of knowing this is a shitty deal in a job, but not being able to leave. At least, not long term. Once you get brainfucked hard by a company, you learn to be more mercenary. You can see past the corporate veil better.


The Hygogg and MG Ball arrived this week. Started building them.


13 thoughts on “if (willtolive() == 0) get [out] “of this chickenshit outfit”;

  1. So you’re having to do programming and help desk work? That’s pretty weak. And that middle manager sounds like a piece of shit.

    If I planned to stay in IT I would leave my company in a second, because I’m in that same position of it being a pretty shitty deal of a job. Like they let me basically come and go as I please, which is great, but there is literally no where for me to move up to.

    Actually I’m pretty sure part of the reason I hate IT is because of this particular job.

    1. Where are you planning on going?

      I would like to do junior development stuff and try that for size. Probably a different kind of bullshit. At least it might pay better hourly. Can’t wait a year for a salary review: it’s a bit above average for my age group in the UK, but well below the industry average.

      Then again, I am pretty shit tier at this still. Won’t stop me pushing for more. I have my bachelors now.

      I don’t mind the rolling on floors and carrying stuff that makes up the job. It eases my back pain to move around and get out of the desk. So that’s been great, and I’m still pain free.

      1. I’m going back to school to be a physical therapy assistant. Hopefully. I have to take a couple pre-reqs so I won’t even be able to apply for the program until the spring of 2017 so that blows.

        Development, at least here in US, definitely is better pay than help desk. Like I think the programmer that is in my department just about makes more than me and my supervisor together. But there’s always bullshit. It’s not even the job half the time. People are trifling and create all the bullshit.

  2. “They tend to micromanage when it doesn’t matter, and then give lacking instructions at the initial step.”

    You mean, the definition of a middle manager? Hue. Middle management FTW.

    Also a supervisor who doesn’t try to stab you in the back or at least throw you under the bus is a rarity, and probably failed his/her classes at supervisor school. CYA is the golden rule – has been in any job I’ve ever done, is now and forever will be.

    Corporate Drone: “What should I do to resolve (situation with potential significant financial repercussions to the company)?”

    Supervisor: (Meaningful pause and crafty look) “What do YOU think we should do?”

    CD: “I don’t know, maybe A?”

    S: “Right, I think this is what we should do.”

    CD: “Would you put that in writing?”

    S: “Of course not.”

    1. We have a group chat so it’s harder for them to back pedal. But they try. Oh they try.

      Caught out one of the middle managers like that. He supposedly has 10 years of experience, but doesn’t understand why RAID 5 in our disk array which seems to lose a disk every week is a bad idea.

      I am lucky in that I can do the minimum and get out everyday

    1. That was an interesting read, but I’ve never seen either of the Office shows.
      At least I read Images of Organisation in the business bachelors.

      I think all those can be applied to lifting. The psychic prison prefigures mopeilitywod by 2500 years.
      The only cure is jump.

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