Norovirus and Metal Fever

Buddy came over from Ireland for the blacksmithing and camping trip.

Drank some great ales and bitters that Bath is famous for, but I fell asleep after like 2-3 drinks most nights.  Working life feels. Bloods and stool came back normal, so I don’t have an explanation for the tiredness, weightloss and bad gas yet.

He went home on the Monday, but we both got hit with a winter vomiting bug. Vomiting and shitting for a full day, less intense the next day. Wasn’t able to keep water down for much of the first day, but able to manage some toast the next. Both buddy and I had fever dreams where we thought we were blacksmithing.

Got some sick dehydration going on, and looked vascular and lean.  Could barely stand up. Shredded brah. Peak competition form. I was pissing what looked like rust I was so dehydrated.

I went back to work after two days off, and immediately went hauling and installing servers. Which was tough. We then picked up groceries in the evening after a burger.  Was feeling OK after, but just weak and hungry. Now down to 71kg from 73kg. Lost 2% bf.

Woman was great at taking care of me in terms of bedside manner and medication.

Woke up Friday at 6AM still feeling sick – think digesting the burger so soon after being ill has upset my guts. Took some anti-nausea stuff and went to work. But cramps all day.

Decided to keep it simple on food and just eat bananas, bread, couscous and fish. Been nearly 5 days without eating properly. Starting to get very tired and fall asleep at 9 or 10PM. Which is understandable. And the woman is staying back until 6 or  7PM in work. Which means we can’t really spend much time together. That makes her unhappy.

But it was like this before I was sick.

We are a little bit stuck – it’s hard to say what’s a normal amount of sleepiness for a 25 year old man. If I am not on a computer at my jerk station, I start to feel sleepy about 9 or 10PM and go to bed. She’ll stay up until 11 or past midnight. So she feels lonely.

With the jerk station, I might stay up past midnight regularly,  either writing, programming or playing games with friends. But right now, I don’t have anything that I’m staying up for.

I like making models, but it can be risky drilling, filing and cutting while sleepy. I am doing a secret santa with some 4chan people, so I guess I will be making them some anime cards and gifts.

I’m not sure if more things to do in the evening will resolve the sleepiness I feel after 9PM. I’ll probably look at my diet and sun exposure once I recover from the vomiting bug. Her getting home from work on time would help give us more chance at quality time together. Otherwise, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure being put on me to stay awake, when I have slept early and risen early since I was a child.


Blacksmithing itself was very fun: worked with mild steel heated in a coke forge. Anvils were nice and lively.  Covered basic skills like drawing metal out into different shapes with the hammer, bending, scrollwork and twisting.

I made a cookbook stand. It’s still black from the forge, but I will likely need to treat it with a matt varnish to keep that finish, and keep it from rusting in the steam of the kitchen.


Absorbtion costing

So I might have an explanation for why I can’t keep weight on, bad gas and tiredness.

Woman had noticed all these and said they aren’t healthy or normal, and said I might be malnourished. Which seemed silly, because my diet was fine. Eventually, I booked in with the doctor, who wanted to test for malabsorbtion on hearing symptoms.  Says it’s not coeliac disease, but might be pancreatic insufficiency. I’m not making enough enzymes to digest my daily gains.

So the next day I was taking a plastic spoon to my morning shit, and worrying about having pancreatic cancer. Sparked a nice conversation with the woman that went like:

“What happens if one of us gets cancer?”

“They work until they can’t, and the other person looks after them until they get better or die. The cancer person ensures the other has enough support for what comes after.”

Which was comforting. It’ll be fine.

The doc also confirmed that the marble I put up my ass as an eleven-year old was likely passed and wouldn’t contribute to symptoms. Which was a relief.  Plus visiting the doctor was “free”. Thanks socialised medicine.

Having the bike over has been great – beat or nearly beat my workmate on his motorbike over about 2.5 miles.

Matt varnished the Zaku II and RG Gundam – looks great. Brings down the shine on the plastic, and makes it look like painted metal. Probably can’t be caught with a camera though.

Life in the UK is good.

Got a friend coming over for some camping next weekend, and we’re doing a blacksmithing course. Karaoke tonight.