Absorbtion costing

So I might have an explanation for why I can’t keep weight on, bad gas and tiredness.

Woman had noticed all these and said they aren’t healthy or normal, and said I might be malnourished. Which seemed silly, because my diet was fine. Eventually, I booked in with the doctor, who wanted to test for malabsorbtion on hearing symptoms.  Says it’s not coeliac disease, but might be pancreatic insufficiency. I’m not making enough enzymes to digest my daily gains.

So the next day I was taking a plastic spoon to my morning shit, and worrying about having pancreatic cancer. Sparked a nice conversation with the woman that went like:

“What happens if one of us gets cancer?”

“They work until they can’t, and the other person looks after them until they get better or die. The cancer person ensures the other has enough support for what comes after.”

Which was comforting. It’ll be fine.

The doc also confirmed that the marble I put up my ass as an eleven-year old was likely passed and wouldn’t contribute to symptoms. Which was a relief.  Plus visiting the doctor was “free”. Thanks socialised medicine.

Having the bike over has been great – beat or nearly beat my workmate on his motorbike over about 2.5 miles.

Matt varnished the Zaku II and RG Gundam – looks great. Brings down the shine on the plastic, and makes it look like painted metal. Probably can’t be caught with a camera though.

Life in the UK is good.

Got a friend coming over for some camping next weekend, and we’re doing a blacksmithing course. Karaoke tonight.


7 thoughts on “Absorbtion costing

  1. have you tested for basic malabsorption issues (blood parameters [MCV, MCHC etc], iron/ferritin, B12, folate) as well as hormonal stuff (e.g. thyroid)? I’m sure your doctor could decide for the proper tests to take, though.

    pancreatic cancer seems unlikely. weight loss and malnutrition can of course be symptoms, but so can stomach pains, icterus and ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen). keeping fingers crossed that it’s something fixable.

  2. Socialized healthcare sounds great. I would never have asked for all of those test here in the states because I know that it would cost me way too much. I end up paying around 7.5% of my paycheck for health insurance as it is, and that barely covers anything beyond checkups. I fail to believe that the USA couldn’t raise taxes 5% and give everyone socialized healthcare. I tore my meniscus around 10 months ago and refused to get it checked because I knew it would cost me too much for an MRI and possible surgery. Luckily no squatting and ice it multiple times a day for a month ending up working for me. It would have been nice not worrying about how much medical care would cost.

    1. “I fail to believe that the USA couldn’t raise taxes 5% and give everyone socialized healthcare.”

      Nah man, Communism is de Debbil, this ain’t no Scandinavialand here.

    2. We also could have went to the moon and probably Mars and beyond if we didn’t go to Vietnam. So I think if we didn’t go to Iraq and Afghanistan we could probably have lower taxes than now AND socialized medicine, plus a bigger NASA budget, but then the terrorists would win and they’d take our freedoms.

  3. I wonder if I have pretty good digestive enzymes and stuff. I apparently had one of the highest B12 levels my doctor’s ever seen just from taking an oral b12 supplement and not even doing it sub lingually. Think it was high 800s.

    The point is, you need the wild bacteria flora and enzymes from those wild berries or else you won’t get no gainz from the week or two old irradiated storebought ones.

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