Norovirus and Metal Fever

Buddy came over from Ireland for the blacksmithing and camping trip.

Drank some great ales and bitters that Bath is famous for, but I fell asleep after like 2-3 drinks most nights.  Working life feels. Bloods and stool came back normal, so I don’t have an explanation for the tiredness, weightloss and bad gas yet.

He went home on the Monday, but we both got hit with a winter vomiting bug. Vomiting and shitting for a full day, less intense the next day. Wasn’t able to keep water down for much of the first day, but able to manage some toast the next. Both buddy and I had fever dreams where we thought we were blacksmithing.

Got some sick dehydration going on, and looked vascular and lean.  Could barely stand up. Shredded brah. Peak competition form. I was pissing what looked like rust I was so dehydrated.

I went back to work after two days off, and immediately went hauling and installing servers. Which was tough. We then picked up groceries in the evening after a burger.  Was feeling OK after, but just weak and hungry. Now down to 71kg from 73kg. Lost 2% bf.

Woman was great at taking care of me in terms of bedside manner and medication.

Woke up Friday at 6AM still feeling sick – think digesting the burger so soon after being ill has upset my guts. Took some anti-nausea stuff and went to work. But cramps all day.

Decided to keep it simple on food and just eat bananas, bread, couscous and fish. Been nearly 5 days without eating properly. Starting to get very tired and fall asleep at 9 or 10PM. Which is understandable. And the woman is staying back until 6 or  7PM in work. Which means we can’t really spend much time together. That makes her unhappy.

But it was like this before I was sick.

We are a little bit stuck – it’s hard to say what’s a normal amount of sleepiness for a 25 year old man. If I am not on a computer at my jerk station, I start to feel sleepy about 9 or 10PM and go to bed. She’ll stay up until 11 or past midnight. So she feels lonely.

With the jerk station, I might stay up past midnight regularly,  either writing, programming or playing games with friends. But right now, I don’t have anything that I’m staying up for.

I like making models, but it can be risky drilling, filing and cutting while sleepy. I am doing a secret santa with some 4chan people, so I guess I will be making them some anime cards and gifts.

I’m not sure if more things to do in the evening will resolve the sleepiness I feel after 9PM. I’ll probably look at my diet and sun exposure once I recover from the vomiting bug. Her getting home from work on time would help give us more chance at quality time together. Otherwise, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure being put on me to stay awake, when I have slept early and risen early since I was a child.


Blacksmithing itself was very fun: worked with mild steel heated in a coke forge. Anvils were nice and lively.  Covered basic skills like drawing metal out into different shapes with the hammer, bending, scrollwork and twisting.

I made a cookbook stand. It’s still black from the forge, but I will likely need to treat it with a matt varnish to keep that finish, and keep it from rusting in the steam of the kitchen.


6 thoughts on “Norovirus and Metal Fever

    1. Oh and in re to the sleep I’m 27 and I basically don’t do anything past 9 during the week and usually go to bed by 10. So I guess it’s normal or either we’re both depressed probably.

      1. Probably just depressed given we are ex-mopewod.

        At the moment I am playing Shovel Knight on 3ds and some Hatoful Boyfriend with the woman. It’s awful.
        Do you have Steam?

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