Weathering Zeon Aquatic suits


I finished up the Hygogg last week.

I am a big fan of Zeon aquatic suits, and really like the 5 minutes of screen time the Hygogg has in Gundam 0080. It’s animated in an unsettlingly organic way, which contrasts it to other Mobile Suits, while still being “mecha”. 0080 was also my first Gundam series, so the Hygogg was the MS I ever saw!

I decided to weather it to make it look more like a crustacean monster.  Once it was completed, I scored and dotted the parts with a scalpel, a razor saw, a file and a pin drill. I tried to put down some cuts and scrapes that might come from the sea floor while swimming, or while sliding on concrete. Once I had blocked these in, I thought about how incoming fire from solid shot would deflect from slanted or curved surfaces and marked these first with a pin drill, then expanded the holes to form small craters where shots had failed to penetrate, then scored and weathered these with the knife and file.

Around the central eye of the model, I made some cuts to draw attention to the focal point of the model. I also drilled a pattern of three dots on different places on the model to make up for the lack of detail in the early HGUC kit. The Hygogg is famous for having extendable, posable arms, but I decided to display it without it for now, as it takes up took much space on the shelf.


I tried several washes to fill the markings and panels, but was unsatisfied with Vajello brown and black acyrlic washes. In the end, I went with black acrylic diluted with 97% alcohol into a heavy wash. Once this had settled into the crevices, I wiped off the surface with an alcohol soaked rag, leaving the surface clean, but the details black.

I painted the undersides, fingers and tubes black, then drybrushed them with a dark metallic silver. Finally, I detailed the ports and exhausts with red and metallic silver.


The back side was less detailed.



I am happy with how the kit turned out, and I am thinking of giving it a matt varnish as I did with my HGUC Zaku II and RG Gundam. The matt varnish gives a very realistic finish, and makes the models look like painted metal, and not glossy plastic. This is notable in the last picture, where you can see the shine on the Hygogg, but not the Gundam.

I think the kit has a good amount of play value and ok poseability. It doesn’t bend at the waist and the head is fixed.  It relies on the extended arms for stability. It does rotate 360 degrees at the waist though!

The model itself is unusual looking and has great presence. Some people don’t like the rounded, organic or utilitarian look of Zeon MS. Some people really don’t like aquatic suits:

I do like them. Next on my list is another Zeon aquatic suit, Char’s custom Z’Gok.


As a bonus, here’s my bookstand from the previous post:



3 thoughts on “Weathering Zeon Aquatic suits

  1. I have a Gogg and a 0080 Hygogg somewhere. Really want the 0080 Zugock, though. The 0080 Hygogg was a bomb out kit from as a kid, though. Original 0080 kit, not HGUC.

    I would actually recommend against doing a matte finish on your aquatic MS, if you wish to be realistic. Why? They would likely be painted with a gloss paint, as gloss paints help repel water better than a flat or matte paint. I think other mecha would be more realistic with a matte paint, but aquatic I’m unsure of, just for the simple reason of helping to prevent rust from underwater/sea conditions. I mean unless coating technology has advanced by the time colonies are in space and all. It can still be weathered and glossy, too, obviously. It’s a thought, I mean, I obviously didn’t live during the One Year War, so I don’t know :/

    Let’s see, for those unaware…

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