Op-Ed: Anime Avatars Key for Recruiters to Find Ideal Candidates

Today’s work environment is completely different from that of twenty – even ten years ago. The new generation coming into the workforce is more connected and tech-savvy than ever, and social media has become critical in the hiring process. The ability to leverage social media in the hiring process h

Source: Op-Ed: Anime Avatars Key for Recruiters to Find Ideal Candidates


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When I was deep in the big 4 mope,  Coach or Fatman said I should do EE to get out. That was never going to happen. But…

Around this time last year, I realised I had no idea how electricity worked.  I knew amps measured “flow”. I knew capacitators “stored” electricity. I knew watts were a measure of work. But I struggled to understand anything about circuits or electronics. I liked to think of myself as being mathematically and scientifically literate, but that’s far from the truth.

I did home economics for four years in secondary education, instead of technology, metalwork or woodwork classes. I struggled with mathematics and was only able to zombie my way to middling grades through repetition and my father’s endless patience. Balancing chemical equations frustrated me, and coupled with my bad maths meant that I was never going to be a scientist. I loved biology and physiology though, but I was never going to make it in a math-heavy field.

So I did law and business. They did great things for me. It pumped my ability to bullshit on a topic after reading a book on astrophysics (skipping the math) or engineering (skipping the math). I was lucky that two years of economics and accounting were not demanding mathematically – I did well in these with the help of some remedial math classes and hard work.

That let me kid myself, and my employer, to think I could be an accountant. That was hard going intially, but the work paid off. I’ve felt more confident about my numerical reasoning after being balls deep in debits and credits for 2 years.. Since I went back to college to do software engineering, I grappled again with algebra, set theory for databases, and math outside of base 10. It really struck me that I am lost without good understanding of maths, and I should do more to improve it.

In my last job, I was supposedly a “network engineer”. But I am really hesitant to call myself an “engineer” without an understanding of the electronics I work on every day. So I picked up a multimeter and Make:Electronics, plus a bag of components. I’m slowly learning more about the fundamentals. I even learned to solder, something I had wanted to do since I was 10 years old. While I’m doing that, I’m teaching myself more about Cisco networking, and trying to program and script more in my job. That’s been really great. It’s mickey mouse bullshit making LEDs light up, but it’s been illuminating.

So it’s good to feel more in tune with what you want to do. I just worry that I’m not very good at it. I’m a bad “engineer”, but I would probably be a worse lawyer/accountant/chef/biologist/physiotherapist.




Woman was very homesick this month after we returned to Ireland for a weekend. Think she’s over it now though. And things have deepened between us. She thinks an engagement isn’t just an promise, but is something we’re working towards.  Which is all good.

I’m doing a secret santa with some anonymous 4chan nerds. Bought one anon a robutt he likes. Making anime statue for another. I hope I don’t get one of the 6 cum jars in circulation.

There are about 600 people this year doing it worldwide. Maybe 1% chance of getting a jizz jug. I don’t really mind what I get, as long as I make some UK anons happy. Though that’s pretty gay. I should probably send a little cum. Just to be polite.