Checksum on Windows


Following the Linux Mint security breach on Saturday, I was worried the XCFE 64bit ISO had also been compromised.

Windows has a checksum utility pre-installed, so I was able to check the ISO’s MD5 hash without thirdparty utilities.  In the command line:
CertUtil -hashfile [pathOfFileToCheck] [HashAlgorithm]

eg: CertUtil -hashfile C:\TEMP\MyDataFile.img MD5

Credit to Laisvis Lingvevicius on that!

I checked the hashes against: .

Hope Mint is fun, as I’d gotten good use out of Lubuntu.


sudo apt-get update

I’m studying for CCNA now. I’ve decided to focus more on learning, because I was feeling bored in my job. I rotate doing remote support for 6 clients with supporting 200 users in an architects firm. Small clients put in about 5 tickets a day on average, which is very boring. So about 30-50% of my time is downtime. I really like network engineering, so studying CCNA has been fun. I have the ICND1 exam in 3 weeks, and I’m feeling good so far.

Have a reasonable grasp on subnetting, and the theory I had already covered in college. Have to start doing more labs though, as still not confident configuring routers and switches the Cisco(tm) way. I can do it with google, but I haven’t learned these off by heart yet. We’re mostly a Cisco shop, and I know the CCNA is liked everywhere. So that’s good.

My workmate, who I rotate with, is quitting. He’s felt exploited since joining 18 months ago, as they wouldn’t pay him for weekend work, or pay for promised overtime. They gave him no training on this minimum wage “apprenticeship”, then paid him the very minimum when he finished that after 6 months. The company I’m in has inconsistent HR policies, and I want to get out as soon as possible. They’re all in this church which believes in prosperity theology, so when my workmate brought up with the HR director how he was being exploited, the HR asked him “but do you love Jesus?”. The manager exploiting him was the dude who put “doing my best for God and [company]” on his annual review. That’s just fucked up.

The HR director also told me calling in sick was unprofessional when I had an eye infection. When I came in, I got an apology from the HR director. And an email saying I was “valued”. At least in my last job with the network engineering company, I knew what was going on. There, I got into the habit of arriving at 9AM, and taking 5 minutes to get to the desk while I changed out of cycling gear. The HR/Finance director came to me and said “You’re on support from 9AM. That means being at your desk, ready to work at 9AM. You’re a good lad, but this is your first verbal warning. I don’t want to have this conversation again.” And I was never late again. It was a good conversation because it had a clear objective, and consequences for fucking up. I don’t understand anything about this company, how it bills, what the service level agreements are. Amateurish and inconsistent is how I’d characterize it. Nothing is documented, so it’s always at someone like the HR director, or “God and [company]’s” discretion. My probation review was 3 months late. I asked for more training, or even more work in the downtime. Instead, I was told to “use my initiative” and that salary review would be pushed back to 15 months after I started. And this is in a company with £120,000 in cash, that staff keep leaving.

On their projects, nothing is right first time. Clients always suffer downtime, or the security we’re supposed to be implementing is inadequate. One client has been hit by cryptolocker 4 times in 4 months. The Indian guy they hired to do backups and virtualization supposedly has 15 years of experience, but struggles to do basic things like a rotating backup on a GUI. He’s frequently worse than useless, because he’s supposedly training me. He and his wife are here on student visas. He’s probably in the church or something. The guy I replaced was totally unskilled, with no training. When my workmate came in, there were 100 tickets in the queue, and clients were pissed constantly.

Now that he’s leaving, I’ll be in the architectural practice full time. Going to keep focused on passing the first exam.

I also have to pass my driving test in the UK, because my Irish learner licence is no good here. Because there’s only one thing worse than not being able to drive when you’re 25, and that’s not being able to drive when you’re 26. #justEuropeanthings.

Got a x220 thinkpad. Thinking xubuntu or Linx Mint on it. I know Coach likes that.

Will probably be in Bath for another 5-6 months at least. Not sure where to next. Maybe somewhere else in the UK.