teen internet slang

Hi guys, just wondering if you’re up to date in the latest teen internet slang:

dv = deus vult

tbh = tribute brings honour

smh = sire my heir

fam = feudalism and monarchy


This message brought to you by the Pope.



So many castles in the UK. Been playing some Mount and Blade as I wind down for the new job. Definitely captures everything I like about games – lots of freedom to approach problems, stupid fun with swords and silly voices. It’s Turkey’s greatest gaming export.

Not much to report otherwise – once I can arnold press a 12kg DB x12, I’m going to be doing more lifting. I’m thinking about this simple 3 day split with supersets: http://customworkoutplanner.com/workouts/advanced+3+day+split/28255/Regs/#workoutplan

Only problem with it is I have to go to a playground to do pullups and nowhere to attach a TRX thing to. In the 2 weeks I’ve been fucking around, I put on 2lb and stayed the same bf%. Now 73KG at 17ish%. End goal is to get back to 78-80kg and stay under 20%bf.


At least it’s better than nothing.



2 thoughts on “teen internet slang

  1. Wait what does dv actually mean? Does vlogs?

    Mount and Blade is one of those games I’ve always thought looks awesome but then I never actually get around to playing it. Been playing Overwatch lately which is good fun.

  2. I put that in to prevent anyone thinking this was real.

    M&B definitely is worth a play. It’s a bit dizzying: I’d say make a combat character and win tournaments for money in the early days. Try meet the companions in taverns for improving your party skills in the early days. Then sign on as a mercenary for a kingdom so you don’t piss people off when you fight them. Getting your dudes on horses is always a good move. Then take it from there.

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