Trigger pull

I think there’s amazing mope potential in fine motor skill sports. Just last night I shot some very nice groups after I got sighted in.


In the bottom left, that’s two shots in the same hole! Getting better.

After a break of 20 mins, I went for another 10 shots. I couldn’t get settled on the sling, didn’t follow through enough – I just went to crap on the targets. I was barely in the black for half of them. My group went from a quarter inch to more than an inch. At 25 yards, that’s pretty big. Plus I was worried about needing to catch a bus back home. So cycling, even if the exertion throws off my sight picture a bit, would let me relax more and probably let me shoot another card of 10.

The trigger on the rifle was single stage, and last week I shot with a two stage trigger. So I feel my trigger pull is too sharp already – that’s why the group is pulling down and right – and not being quite sure where the hammer will fall on the trigger pull put me off second time. I was snatching the trigger more as I lost my concentration. I might shoot fives instead of tens and see if it’s better. Holding the trigger for a few seconds after the shot should help my follow through.
I suppose the only solution is to shoot more, and be as relaxed as I was the first weeks. As the guys in their 60s and 70s say, when you start thinking about it, it gets harder and harder to shoot.

My friends keep joking that I’ve joined up with an Irish nationalist militia, as I’ve signed people up to an Irish language class, and they wonder if the shooting comes as a package deal. Or they ask when I’m learning about pipebombs.
Todays mopewod:
enjoy something new then overthink it until you fuck it up

and everyone thinks you’re a terrorist


7 thoughts on “Trigger pull

  1. Shooting sport in USA is about nonexistent, you just buy guns and shoot them in the desert at rocks now. Or as Michigan Method said. A few people do that.

    Some enlightened gun control opinions here.

  2. I have a lot of guns. I don’t get to shoot as often as I’d like. i mostly shoot at cardboard boxes with targets drawn on in magic marker and junk like cans or old dishes or a TV. actual sport is, like MM says, dying. It’s like anything in the US. Bowling, for example. People just want to do it on their own and not be part of an organized thing. Come to the states and you can get .223 in pistol. The extra 3 adds a lot of awesome:

  3. I like the “Bowling Alone” reference.
    Heard ranges can be expensive too, might explain the decline in interest when a lot of people are feeling the pinch.

    I was lucky to find a local club that charges the price of a beer for the range, and sells .22 cheap. Owning rifles is a harder here, and they’re bloody expensive unless they’re target rifles.

    It’s tempting to come to the US. We are thinking about it at some point. Maybe our next move? .223 out of that barrel looks and sounds amazing. Isn’t that the pistol you have? I’d love to try .223 in a Thompson Contender or similar rifle-caliber pistol.

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