Time-t0-Live & Gundam Unicorn thoughts

Got the Cisco ICND1 exam next Saturday. Have good odds to pass it I think. Work weren’t using a Cisco 1941 Router, so I convinced them to give it to me to practice with. It’s worth more than a week’s wages! Feel like I’ve learned a huge amount studying routing and switching, so that’s been fun.

I finished the topics yesterday, so I’m spending the next 6 says memorizing the commands and doing practice tests. I can subnet in my head already, and I don’t think there’s a lot of configuration in ICND1. It’s an entry level cert after all. If I fail, it’s not the end of the world, the new syllabus will be 90% the same. I plan to take CCNA if I fail on Saturday, but perhaps that can wait a bit. Little bit exhausted having done the driver theory while studying for ICND1, and starting a new job.

We’re probably going to be moving in the next few months, maybe back to Dublin, or to Dublin. So doing certs might take a back seat to finding another job if I need to.

Driving is going OK- learning the maneuvers like reversing around corners. Lessons are pretty pricy, but my money is doing fuck all else. Need to learn to drive.

Prep for the Alps is going well, everyone’s reasonably ready. Still conditioning myself by doing loops of a 400ft hill a few times, then squatting and planking. I’m not sure what kind of state I will be in for it, but my pack is going to be about 8-9KG. Which might not be too fun walking up 6-8 hours with if I’m in bad shape.


I finished watching Gundam Unicorn. People say Unicorn was bad, and it’s definitely flawed. But I don’t think they are familiar with the themes of UC Gundam shows, and how Unicorn brings it all together with a very Western symbol.

UC Gundam is a lot about how the sins of previous generations doom the next, either through greed or political expedience. And the situations of violence seem to cycle endlessly, each generation handing down their venom. Even colonies in the infinity of space don’t seem to prevent wars of scarcity.

But Unicorns cure all poisons by sacrificing their horns (weapons). They were often used as symbols of Christ for that reason. The Unicorn Gundam is seen as symbol of the possibility for peace in UC, but a peace not made by treaties or governments. A peace instead made by possibility of sacrifice and understanding, putting aside weapons. Riddhe surviving shows that even people twisted by hate, secrets and revenge could be forgiven. That’s why Char’s soul is released at the end of the series.

You get the very clear theme that the space is a big place, and humanity has the potential to change. But I think it also subtly hints that each generation will need to sacrifice themselves for peace by being ready for war; Unicorns don’t actually exist after all. Mineva Zabi is used well, going from a baby in the First Gundam, to a Neo Zeon pawn in Zeta, to a politician who want to bring a real and lasting peace to the Earth Sphere.

While it has too much Newtype bullshit to be believable, I think Unicorn does the themes of Gundam excellently, and in that sense, it’s a capstone to the UC story. It doesn’t have annoying characters, but some characters like Angleo have backstory and appearances that’s pure fujobait. It didn’t take me out of the story too much, and I suppose it’s in character for Char to pick up Newtypes amongst waifs and strays.

I felt the animation was inconsistent in places, and while there were some great fights, too often the Unicorn has powers that remove tension from that action. Nonetheless, these scenes often have great emotional impact on the viewer and drive the plot. It’s never done for the sake of it, or to resolve a sticky situation for the writer/director.

I liked that Banagher had the strength to stick to his convictions in the end, and the role the Neo Zeon characters Marida and Captain Zinnerman had in supporting that. Marida and Zinnerman in particular had many moving scenes.




Alps & Blinkenlights


So five of us are heading on a seven day trip to the Alps at the start of September. It’s put a fire under me for getting fitter. I’m back squatting and rucking up hills. I put on 2kg these past two months and have been feeling great. We plan to camp on the trail and walk with gear. I’m glad it’s happening.

The CCNET study is OK, still another 17 days out before the test. If I fail it, I’ll study for the full CCNA on the new syllabus. New job is also OK. Automating and monitoring projects have worked well so far, because nothing at all was set up. So it’s a clean slate.

Work on the civil servant pyromancer novel is going well, it’s now titled “Our Fire Burns”.

We may be moving back to Ireland, or perhaps to London in late September. We feel Bath has been nice, but lacking in job opportunities.