Alps & Blinkenlights


So five of us are heading on a seven day trip to the Alps at the start of September. It’s put a fire under me for getting fitter. I’m back squatting and rucking up hills. I put on 2kg these past two months and have been feeling great. We plan to camp on the trail and walk with gear. I’m glad it’s happening.

The CCNET study is OK, still another 17 days out before the test. If I fail it, I’ll study for the full CCNA on the new syllabus. New job is also OK. Automating and monitoring projects have worked well so far, because nothing at all was set up. So it’s a clean slate.

Work on the civil servant pyromancer novel is going well, it’s now titled “Our Fire Burns”.

We may be moving back to Ireland, or perhaps to London in late September. We feel Bath has been nice, but lacking in job opportunities.


One thought on “Alps & Blinkenlights

  1. That Alps trip sounds rad. Rucking is awesome exercise too and will make you realize you have a bunch of smaller muscles you never use normally.

    I’ve been wanting to write a novel, or short stories, or anything at all but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to stop being a piece of shit and actually start something.

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