End of the road



The weeklong Alps trip went very well. I credit the advice of a Finnish FFL guy I shitpost with.Everyone had a good time, no injuries. The gear lists helped everyone, and we never really suffered a lack of anything.
I was glad I had trained so much, as we were walking 6-10 hours a day with 10kg packs, with multiple 1000m ascents and descents. But I never felt tired, so this let me help others on the technical sections or take extra gear from the weaker hikers. There was also some climbing and scrambling mixed in on the longest days, which was challenging for those who hadn’t conditioned themselves.

With all the camping in fields and forests, it was also reasonably cheap. I think the entire trip, including new gear, flights and food was €400.

Things that went right
Well-stocked first aid kit stopped blisters, caffeine pills really worth including to pull us along after a tough stretch.

Having the walking poles was essential, and they were also very useful for setting up the tarps at night. I don’t hesitate to recommend poles after initially being skeptical.

My training stopped me having back and neck pain.


Things I would do differently:
Bring more cash
Maybe bring something to cook for the group or bring heated MREs. 3 cold meals a day of jerky, bread, cheese and wine got old pretty fast.
Bring binoculars and a dedicated camera.
Talk to the group beforehand about the route, discern their conditioning or phobias.



In other news I passed the first exam for CCNA, probably going to do CCNA Security next for the VPN and security knowledge rather than Routing and Switching track.


We are going to be moving back to Ireland at the beginning of October, as my partner got a job that pays way more back home. I’m still looking for work. Have to get rid of my air rifle, which is sad. Everything that’s not a toy gun is a firearm in Ireland, and has to be registered. Maybe more on this later.