Back home

So after a fashion, we sold up everything we could and got shipping for the rest. It was a flat fee for a half container, but we barely filled it. It cost £450, which was covered by selling stuff and the remained of the resettlement package we got when we came to the UK. Stuff hasn’t fucking arrived yet! The shipping company owner was in hospital last week, so I’m chasing up this week to make sure it gets delivered.

On the jobs front, there was a place I got good vibes from on the initial contact, and after a few interviews, they offered me €33k plus bonus and healthcare. They seem like a really nice crew, lots of room for growth. The other places I was interviewing for weren’t offering as much, or required 3pm to midnight hours. I had spoken to some people, and reckoned I would get more money from them. So I made a counter offer for €35k, which they accepted. Which marks the first time I’m earning more than the median industrial wage in Ireland! I’m going to work as hard as I can and see about breaking €50k before I’m 30. The job will require me to head to Atlanta in the US, and the UK. They mentioned they want me out in China at some point, so that might be interesting. Hopefully in Atlanta I can do some shooting.

Driving has had to take a break, but I have a little 1L Toyota Yaris I can drive about. Needs taxed and insured, which is going to cost me €3k… which reminds me why I never bothered learning before this: it’s so fucking pricey to have a car here. My friend in the Energy Ministry tells me you won’t be able to buy a petrol/diesel car after 2027, the plan is to have it all electic/hybrid. Driving fucking sucks in the big cities, but the public transport is reasonable. It’s outside the city it sucks.

It’s been really nice to see all my friends and family again. Some people have starting coming back. The ones who never left will be here for lyfe I reckon. Renting in Dublin seems insane. We’re looking to save as much as we can this year to get a down payment for an apartment or a house. Rental is like 33% of people’s income, and payments on a mortgage is like 23%. So that’s a no-brainer. We do want to live together in Dublin, as we’re each staying with our parents on opposite sides of the city. Which is going to cut into our chance of saving. We reckon we could save about 10k in a year each, which would give us €30k downpayment. Then we have to think about where to buy and such, which is a lot to think about.

A lot of my friends are still pretty badly off, without trade jobs or professional jobs. Just wondering how you turn that around in your mid-20s. I’ve basically been chilling since I got back outside the interviews. It’s starting to get pretty old. I’m looking forward to getting back to work next week.