Sire my heir / Catholic strength secrets

smh tbh fam

I think it’s noble to try bring peace to Syria like these guys are doing, but I wonder what the thought process behind this was. Did someone stand up and say:

“What we need is some kind of… ‘crusade’ you could call it, to help these people.” “Those poor Syriac Christians. Maybe swing by Jerusalem. You know… for the falafel.”



Been trying more mobility stuff because I’m clicking and popping like an old man. My glutes are pretty turned off from sitting 8+ hours a day, and I know that’s only bad for me. After all the kneeling and squatting at mass recently, I realise you get some decent glute activation while you kneel on a pew or hover over a bench. I propose the superior glute strength of Christendom was a factor in the first Crusade. Plus they were already conditioned from marching and sacking Hungary, with the result being sick gains in the entire Levant area.

Gotta confuse the muscles by fighting and pillaging pretty much anyone who gets in your way. Arrows pittering off your mail and gambeson and hitting those triggerpoints.


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Big rollup of updates:

Job is going well, we’re settling back home. There was a plan to move out, but it will be after Christmas, if at all. I’m saving money to buy a house as rental market is crazy here. Commute is fine, workmates are nice. Reading lots of fiction, trying to write as much as possible.

Seeing everyone again has been great, very glad I came back for this reason. Running another Dark Heresy RPG that picks up where the last group died/gave up/turned to the dark side. That’s been very fun. Relationships are a bit strained between gf and I as we don’t see each other every day like we used to. It’s fine.

Grandmother yesterday died after 4 years in nursing home and 15 years of worsening dementia. Family is in bits, but she died surrounded by 6 surviving children and as many grandchildren as they could get in the room. A good death, hopefully some closure after my aunt’s (her daughter’s) suicide. Some of those questions have been answered and were not pleasant, but necessary. Wake tomorrow, funeral Wednesday.

I am not lifting, but am now not kidding myself that I am not lifting. Which is a start.