Had these awful meibomian cysts on my eye for the last year. Hot compresses didn’t get rid of them, so I at last got them scraped off last week. There ended up being like 6 on the top lid. Seems like there’s a low chance of reoccurance, but daily hot compresses and massaging the eyelid is the way to prevent it.

I also have blepharitis linked to the cysts, so this should make it easier to manage. Already, my eye is less crusty and swollen.

IOPS = eye-ops



Starting up painting models last week for campaign my friends are doing.We’re playing 5th edition 40k, which we felt was one of the better rulesets before it got too bloated. 3rd ed was good, but had many ambiguities in the rules.

Most of these models were 10+ years old sitting in wardrobes, and I never felt I could paint them adequately. So they festered in the back of my mind for a decade. It was only this year I worked up the interest to start them. I tried to limit my colour palette and give them a “warm” look with the red and brass. This made me learn colour theory, and improve my skills with a brush. The army will be Inquisition themed.

I have my driving test at the end of next month. Feeling good for it, doing plenty of driving. Think I hurt my Achilles tendon driving in pointy dress shoes though, as well as running too much on my forefoot.


4 thoughts on “IOPS

    1. Karena’s mom had iritis. We’d never heard of it and went around saying (to one another) “ah got me some bad aahhhhritis.” And “I’M RIGHT CAUSE I GOT I-RIGHT-IS”

      We are more sensitive now because it turns out that it’s real.

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