This appears to be a comparison between a character from Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” and the fictional character attached to the defunct lifting/stretching comedy blog Mopewod. That’s easily one of the most specific things I’ve found on the internet.

I’ve never read War and Peace, but fair play to whoever wrote it, it’s pretty good. Is Brent still alive now that he’s out of prison?


3 thoughts on “get-help

  1. Wow just glanced at it but some thoughts in order of which they popped into my head
    1. You wrote this. (Quickly dismissed)
    2. Man i wonder if there’s a paper about me somewhere on the internet
    3. Probably not
    4. I wish there was a paper about me on the internet. Jelly.
    5. I’m not really a moper I’m more like a self-delusional tryhard
    6. How the fuck did he find this

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