Skittles SW:Ag

These are some of my Skitarii killteam for Shadow Wars: Armageddon. They are a mixture of Skitarii Vanguard guns and heads, vehicle hooks and antennae, and Catachan/Marauder bodies. The ribbed suits are from the Genestealer Cult Neophytes.

Much of the look and fluff is inspired by this: . I love his ideas and modelling, so can’t take credit for the idea of a Forge World turned feral.

The unit has “3 tiers” – full fledged warriors of the Machine God, tech-helots with low quality gear, and bionics and tech-gladiators seeking to become Skitarii. The army is pastoral Graeco-Roman themed and fights to recover their sacred past.


The CognoScenti – Et in Teknopolis ego

They’re from the wastes of a Forge World that never was. Before the Hive, before the Rogue Traders, before even the marble columns and perfumed gardens of Kharybdis were the Priests of Mars.

The Explorator ship “Pandora’s Gift” was scouting the planet for a rich Dimantium source suitable to be the basis for a Forge World, but the initial TechnoSeed sent by the fleet suffered some unknown disaster that left the Mechanicus personnel dreaming in stasis for centuries. Faulty control-psalms released untold biomechanical horrors on the unsuspecting world, where they stalked the forests as TechnoSatyrs, feeding and building new generations of monsters: cannibal constructs and skittering swarms of servo-skulls that can reduce a man to a lacerated pile of discarded bones.

Emerging after a lightning strike reset the console, half-insane, the Explorators began their off-kilter work and laid the stones of the Mechanicus Templum. But cut off from the wider Imperium, the mission went native and blended into Graeco Praeterium’s society. Beneath the crust of the spreading facility, maintenance became ritual, history became myth, and the social structures of the Adeptus Mechanicus stagnated and atrophied. Few of the CognoScenti even remember the initial purpose of their mission as the hives above them spiralled to the stars, fuelled by the workings below the crust. But one Magos remembers.

The Shepherd was once a member of the CognoScenti until his obsession with feral mechanical lifeforms led him into self-imposed exile into the Underhive wastes between Skylla and Kharybdis, where he could be among his flock unhindered by the ritual and politics of Teknopolis. It is said that the Omnissiah’s spirit resides in all mechanical things, and through them does He show His will. Somewhere, hidden away in the memory banks of an unwitting mechanical survivor, is the secret to unleashing the self-replicating TechnoSeed that will claim Graeco Praeterium for the Mechanicus.

So it is that the Shepherd has gathered a loose warband about him so that he might continue his tasks unmolested. Any lifeforms they encounter are either tamed – if they can be – or dispatched, their memories downloaded into the Shepherd’s neural cortex before rot or implant overload corrupts the data stored in their brains.


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