I: Drive

Driving test tomorrow. Hopefully I can pass this hurdle of adulthood first time.


3 thoughts on “I: Drive

    1. before I took my driving test, my buddy told me that in the area around the DMV there wasn’t a lot of prime parallel parking spots, so the instructor would “like just find a spot with one car and have you park behind it and, ya know, pretend that there’s another car behind you.”

      so when i took my test, at the end, the instructor told me to park behind a car, i knew the deal. I pulled up next to it and then backed up trying to squeeze between it and the imaginary car.

      Instructor: What are you doing? Why don’t you just pull up behind it?
      Me: uh, I don’t want to hit the car behind it?
      Instructor (looks around wildly): What car?! I don’t see another car back there, do you? Are you on drugs?
      Me: uh.

      i guess i kept my cool enough to pass. you apparently are allowed to hit other vehicles if they’re imaginary.

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