So updates for the first time in a while:

Was in London during the attacks for a music festival (along with 24 other million people not at the festival). Had a good time, but going to places in England that are 30% European is unsettling. When your gang of friends are the only one not in Islamic dress, it brings home the demographic change that’s not hit Ireland yet. After the attacks two weeks ago, I had to convince most of the gang to come. And tried to make them security aware and buddy up. So when the attack happened, we were able to get out quickly. No freakouts. Buddy bought a dane axe after someone broke into his house while he was there, says it’ll be double as protection against Saracens. Many people are pretty paranoid about terror attacks. Hippies who were peace and love last year are swinging right on immigration from Arab and North African countries, while still being liberal on gay rights and abortion.

Still waiting on a repeat date for the driving test. Haven’t been driving much. Eyes are pretty sore again.

Might be moving into vacant family home while the will clears.

Made some nice scenery for Warhammer battles in our work league, and arranged said work league. Someone ordered ruined buildings and got double the amount by accident, so happy days. Dark Heresy games still proceeding, and got to run a few one-shots for other groups of people.

Finally wrote a working script to create users in active directory. Trying to get it to read from a CSV now.

I can top-rope and belay when climbing, but I’m deathly afraid of heights. So the bouldering and sport climbing has been a test of courage more than physical ability.

I’ve been trying to get my mile time down below 7 mins. My Achilles tendons have settled down.  Back up to 12 pullups. But the need is there to start lifting again.