Buying a house: prelude

I met with the bank about getting a mortgage to buy a house. They seem to think there’s no major roadblocks getting one with me and the woman both working:

  • Current amount of savings is good.
  • Rate of saving is good.
  • No debt.
  • Possible cash injection when my dad retires next year.

We could borrow up to 3 times our salaries, about €105k each. With that mortgage and existing money, we would have €280k to buy on a 35 year mortgage. The repayments would be about €1k a month on current interest rates at 3%APR, which is less than we’d be paying on rent in Dublin if we moved out. Also payable on one salary!

The woman is still waiting to hear if she’ll be made permanent: she is pretty unhappy in the job, but would take a permo contract if it helped getting a mortgage. There is property available in DUblin, but the market is going up 10% in some places. I know it could be 5-8 years before another property crash, and I’m not sure how willing I am to rent or live at home for all that time.

Medium term, I would like to buy a house and rent a room out while living it it. If we wished to travel the world and all that jazz, we could rent the house out for a year, then start a family. While renting a place would help pay mortgage, this isn’t an investment, it’s a place to live.

I suppose there’s a lot of emotions tied up in a decision like this: maybe for my generation buying a house is the new marriage. I’m kind of the first of my peers to start looking and planning to buy, so any stories from people who’ve been there before would be good.




^This is tight. I only found out about as the Falcon (aka the woman) came 5th in a short story competition, and one of the prizes is 3 notebooks from the company who makes these. I am not sure if I’d use a waterproof notebook, but a waterproof bible on crisp, tough paper sounds better. Good for a canoeing trip that’s coming up… I guess. The comments are great, you think to yourself: “who would ever need this?”, but it’s such a great use of the technology.  Might ask for one instead of a notebook.

Brief updates by section of the triangle:


Passed the driving test last Friday with a single minor flaw. Very pleased to have it in the bag now. Have to upgrade my license to the real deal this week. And for 2 more years I’m a “Novice” and need to drive around with N plates up.

We got Pluralsight in work, so I can restart my CCNA study with the driving done.

Starting to look at mortgages to buy a house.


Skirmish campaigns in work are going well, our terrain is mostly built, but yet to be finished. The campaign started for realz yesterday. Fun had by all.

A narrative skirmish game is starting up soon, my dudes are Byzantine Orthodox cyborgs allies of convenience to a Dionysian mystery machine cult. Think robed priests and technosatyrs.



Back running trying to get my mile time down. Calves are less tight. Trying get the Falcon out walking multiple hours and over hills with a pack to prepare her for Alps or Alsace. Planning a 5 day canoe trip in August.

Going back to the gym tonight. IT as a career definitely has a lifting requirement and I’m losing the battle against atrophy. Probably be a x2 weekly as Celiaxx suggests.

Rode a mechanical bull for 51 seconds, which put me in the top 20%. This is way harder than it looks, and I have a renewed respect for rodeo.