McGregor v Mayweather shitposting containment

It was a good fight, not quite the letdown we expected. Lots of novel moments. The match had a slightly surreal feeling due to the billion dollars hanging over it, the late GMT timeslot and other strangeness I highlighted at the end of the post.

All the bars in Dublin cancelled their late showing of the match on the day, as they couldn’t get a late license to operate past 4.30AM. We had a BBQ in the country, and then a tactical nap to take us up to 2AM. Then we drove back to the city to watch it in our friend’s house. At that point it was impossible to buy PPV, so I got on a synctube some 4channers were stream hopping. Just as the fight started, they rickrolled the stream. Which was… memorable. After several more interruptions, we hopped onto a stable stream from Russia.

McGregor looked awkward in the first three rounds, but showed spirit in getting hits past Mayweather. He came out looking tired, while Mayweather still looked calm. Mayweather looked pretty blissed-out when he was getting massaged pre-fight, and spent the first three rounds covering up and looking for weaknesses in McGregor’s attacks and stance – which were gaping.

In the next 3 rounds, Mayweather’s experience began to show. Mayweather started walking down McGregor and lunging in to work his body. McGregor began to tire and lost the initiative. Mayweather, sensing McGregor was wavering, pressed the attack and began to hammer him. In the last 30 seconds, McGregor looked to dazed and too tired defend or move, let along keep boxing. TKO was the right call. It was hard to watch on our end, but it didn’t really surprise us.

Some weird things:

The black balaclava Mayweather put on was the most puzzling part for us – we thought it was a Loyalist paramilitary thing to intimidate McGregor. McGregor’s hammerfists to the top and back of Mayweather’s head. The penis-to-anus clinches they kept getting into were unlike any other boxing match I ever saw. Mayweather totally bucking his style and swinging like crazy. We thought we saw McGregor try throw a knee in a clinch and then reconsider it.

On balance, it was just about worth staying up for. But it was a bit of a spectacle. Katie Taylor’s boxing is better – there’s something in it for everyone.











At least we got to drink a whole bottle of whiskey and watch a Russian stream.



# of the beast

My parents keep trying to force a €40k loan over 5 years on me, despite me not needing it, and are insisting they come to the mortgage meetings. It’s intrusive and unnecessary to cut into my life like this. They also don’t want to talk to the Falcon about it, and seem to think they are paying the loan, not us.

Had to laugh about the terms as well: €40k a month over 5 years is €666.67 a month. Not a good omen for getting them involved

I don’t know what their problem is. I’m bringing the Falcon over this week to sort it out, as we already have the deposit saved for a 10% mortgage, and it’s shitty of them to cut her out of the conversation, and doubly shitty to keep harassing me about it. They keep talking about wanting ‘clarity’ before my sister comes back in December, but I have explained our plans and finances several times and had the Falcon explain them too.  And they refuse to hear it. I’m not sure where the ambiguity is. At least we are viewing apartments to try move out.

They have been unpleasant about it and I feel they don’t have my back. It seems foolish to get them involved in the process as they make it about them and their needs.  They are yet to say anything useful or do anything useful. They only seem to recommend places double our price range and message me daily about moving out ASAP. Good to be in a position where we don’t need help

Hopefully this week, I can find out the secret agenda motivating them to put so much pressure on us.


The goal ultimately is to own a house, and not be dependent on a rental market where 60 people are queuing to see a small shithole as happened last week, or on capricious parents.




Building lactose tolerance

I’ve been trying to increase my lactose tolerance over the last month. It hasn’t made me a better runner (lactate) or ruined my shirts (lactation), but it has made living in a country that serves milk/cheese/cream with or in everything easier.

Previously I wasn’t able to tolerate more than a teaspoon of milk since about 2014, but I decided having such a low tolerance was impacting my life when food in Ireland is a minefield for it. I started with a teaspoon of yogurt after dinner for two weeks. Then added milk to my tea in the same day. There were a few false starts where I exceeded the threshold and suffered (today is one of those days), but I am now having a small amount of milk over cereal on an empty stomach. Which is a big improvement!

However, I haven’t felt great – I get pretty bad gas if I over do it, even if I don’t feel sick immediately. So I would like to keep some of this lactose tolerance up rather than being at the mercy of the world.

Another concern for me is adequate calcium in my 20s – I’d eat about 80g of cheese a day, along with fortified bread and nuts. I stopped drinking nut milks in the last few months (heh). Don’t wanna end up all scrunched in my 50s and 60s. Never broken a bone jumping off stuff so assume I’m OK.