Building lactose tolerance

I’ve been trying to increase my lactose tolerance over the last month. It hasn’t made me a better runner (lactate) or ruined my shirts (lactation), but it has made living in a country that serves milk/cheese/cream with or in everything easier.

Previously I wasn’t able to tolerate more than a teaspoon of milk since about 2014, but I decided having such a low tolerance was impacting my life when food in Ireland is a minefield for it. I started with a teaspoon of yogurt after dinner for two weeks. Then added milk to my tea in the same day. There were a few false starts where I exceeded the threshold and suffered (today is one of those days), but I am now having a small amount of milk over cereal on an empty stomach. Which is a big improvement!

However, I haven’t felt great – I get pretty bad gas if I over do it, even if I don’t feel sick immediately. So I would like to keep some of this lactose tolerance up rather than being at the mercy of the world.

Another concern for me is adequate calcium in my 20s – I’d eat about 80g of cheese a day, along with fortified bread and nuts. I stopped drinking nut milks in the last few months (heh). Don’t wanna end up all scrunched in my 50s and 60s. Never broken a bone jumping off stuff so assume I’m OK.