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Shuichi Shigeno, author of the popular manga series Initial D, revealed earlier this week that he would be launching a new series in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. The new manga, titled EV Ghost, explores the future of automotive sports where AI driving systems and electric vehicles have begun to replace traditional gasoline fueled transportation. Following the…

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First week back in the gym

A Volume Weight Comment B Volume Weight
DB Split Squat 3×10-12 6kg Easy, more stable Pistol squat 3×5 bodyweight
BB Bench 3×10-12 40kg Light, but some neck pain DB Arnold Press 3×10-12 6kg
Glute Bridge 3×10-12 20kg no pain DB row 3×10-12 8kg
Pull ups  3×f 6,6,4. Hard. need more rest between sets. Dips 3xf 3,2,1
Rotisserie Plank 2 mins total 30 seconds a side reasonable Rotisserie Plank
rotator cuff stuff 1×20 1kg challenging

Fairly weak after nearly 3 years of minimal lifting. I weigh in at 75kg. So these are low numbers that will grow. Sleeping lots and eating well. Also training for another 90-100KM walk in France. This time with the Falcon. No camping, just wine and hotels.

The main 3 exercises in each group are supersetted, more for cardio and time gainz. Focusing on quality of movement. This takes about 50 minutes with warm up and cool down. I am going immediately after work. No pain, which is great!

I’ll probably do this for another month, and see what kind of linear progress I can make with DBs. I would be keen to OHP with a BB again. Maybe to front squat. Deadlifting I think is out, but maybe there’s some single-leg variations I can try. Pleased with pullups.

Calves and psoas quite tight.





MS volume licensing

Microsoft volume licensing for the enterprise space is a talent to itself. You get audited unexpectedly, but especially when the company is rapidly growing and IT controls aren’t as solid. It’s a shakedown for cash, I think. We pushed them out for as long as we could and got a consultant in to help… from my former Big4 employer.

In the enterprise space you get audited regularly, and there are big fines for non-compliance with the volume licensing. They will also sell you the licenses you need to be compliant at a premium. I’ve dived a little of the way down the volume licensing rabbit hole during our recent audit, and it’s complex. You have 32bit/64bit, Standard and professional for the Office Suite, and then the same for the add-ons: Visio and Project. Some of the versions aren’t compatible with “click to run Office365”, which is another type of license, and all these have to be licensed separately. There’s also a hard limit on how many times you can reinstall Office products.

They were trying to squeeze us for €40k in fines and licenses, saying our MS Visio and Project Standard licenses were no longer valid for the Professional versions. And that 250 employees were only licensed for Office 2016, not Office 2016 click to run.  We were compliant last time we checked 3 years ago, but the terms had changed without us being informed. I knew it was a shakedown from Microsoft, so I did my bit running reports and migrating people to the compliant programs. Once it’s close, they don’t care as much and are willing to bargain.

I suggested that were weren’t informed of the changes, and were now 99% compliant once we were aware. So eventually, with much wrangling, we got it down to like €5k worth of licenses and no fine. It leaves a pretty bitter taste in your mouth though, and was a good chuck of time for a whole quarter wasted on compliance.

During the audit, found a machine in the directory called “WANGBLOWS” that summed our feelings up well.




The Phantom Cybertreat

This was a writeup of a Warhammer 40k game. Alpha Legion v Adeptus Mechanicus. They have a rule that lets you nominate another warlord if your warlord is slain. I blasted his Lord with a Neutron laser, and capped 2 objectives while he capped none. Some one asked me my plan: “go right and go left. If we win, we all get icecream!”
“I am Alpharius!”, one cultist missing a leg said to the other.
“No, I am!”, said the other as he held in his guts.
“I AM ALPHARIUS, YOU FOOLS!”, a psychic voice screeched across the battlefield, “NOW GET BACK TO SABOTAGING THAT REFINERY!”
Alpha-3-Cyx crouched in the ruins of the refinery and spiked the promethium pump controls with an intrusion spirit given to him by Magos Coille. As the device broke through the Chaos scrapcode, the pumps began to chatter once more, restoring the sacred function. There was a lull in the battle as the Alpha Legion argued among themselves about who was the true leader of these bandits. Alpha-3-Cyx felt amusement until his emotions returned to baseline, and glanced back at the smoking ruin of the traitor marine that had carved up his entire squad, and felt blessed that he had survived. Over the noosphere, he picked up datablurts from his brothers on the other flank as they captured the other side of the refinery. Soon the support units would arrive to refuel and the war effort for OstPont, on the planet Alfion Byron would continue.
A voice resounded through into his consciousness as he surveyed the battlefield:
“Alpha-3-Cyx, it is your Dominus and Lord, Magos Alexoi Collie. The traitor legions are withdrawing, glory to the Ommnisiah! As promised, your reward: stand by for upload.”
Alpha-3-Cyx’s vision was hijacked by a rapidly filling gauge imposed over the smoking battlefield. He was aware of the words ‘unpacking icecream.tar.gz’. He fell to his knees as his nervous system began to overload. He even felt the ghost of his tongue, removed all those decades ago, flopping around his mouth. The gauge filled. He blacked out.
When he came to, he was lying on the ground as the oil and blood of the battlefield soaked into his cloak. There was a wafer cone in his hand, it seemed. And some kind of frozen, congealed animal product filling it. As he brought it to his face, the machine hallucination flickered slightly, but he pressed on. He brought the ghost of his tongue through the rebreather and licked the phantom cybertreat. It was sweet… and cold.

The anime question and the alt-right

Or “sometimes the things you meme, end up memeing you”.

I had mega keks about this when it happened.  We definitely crossed a threshold in public discourse when masturbating to anime became a political issue, from which there can be no return. But is the answer for young men and society less fapping your awkwardly curved penis to hentai in your parents home or more?  I’ll try discuss it here.

I have neglected to write about the dreaded “anime question” for a long time. But I have slowly been converting my friends to  80s/90s anime while hungover. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’ve watched a lot of anime in the last 12 years… and that it didn’t turn me into a freak. So perhaps the blame lies elsewhere.

The stories of 80s/90s anime OVAs suit us well – they are fairly brief, and plot driven. There are explosions, robots and tiddies. People act in human ways, or in such an over the top fashion you can’t help enjoy it. The OVA boom of the 80s also made higher quality animation than TV anime, which helps get people into the stories. I have watched less recent stuff, but generally watch a currently airing show every season. But what has that got to do with the alt-right? I think it’s a question of free time and ethical/moral/economic incentives for young people.

I long thought we were in for a decade of stagnation after the collapse and nationalisation of Irish Bank debt, and looked to Japan for an example of an aging society that does little for the young, and clusters around one city. I saw many trends there also appear in Ireland: middle-class NEETS (people not in education, employment or training) and the otaku paradox (that it’s easy to support an expensive hobby when you have no other expenses). But what function does generous social welfare and anime/games/weed/beer fulfill? After all, most of my peers went to university. Shouldn’t they have middle class jobs that would enable them to get married and start families? But college is kind of crock unless you’re lucky and organised. The situation above gets people paid: civil servants to administer the dole, the publicans and dealers sell you the beer and drugs, and the software companies sell you your games. The people themselves are in “gilded poverty”: just enough luxuries to keep you quiet. But I think that’s corrosive to your spirit.

It’s easy to get alienated when you don’t feel like you have values that match the society you’re in, or even that your ability is fairly rewarded. That makes dropping out more palatable. Anime is also cheap in terms of money (but expensive in terms of guilt), and comes with a pre-built community online. It’s a natural choice. Makes waiting for you parents to die so you can inherit the family home easier. But that free time for some people takes its toll.

Pretty soon you’re jerking off to hentai three times a day, jobless or underemployed in retail and fantasizing about your own death,  sex with cartoons, autogynophilia, how it’s all the fault of the patriarchy/Globalists/Belgians and your starring role in the coming Crusade in Europe. Mostly to occupy your considerable mental processing power that you’re wasting sitting scrolling through 4chan/reddit/wordpress/tumblr.

If you’re of the type, it’s easy to fall into the edgysphere of the alt-right/MRA/ starting strength forums and drink the koolaid/gallon of milk.  But sometimes the things you meme end up memeing you –  like low bar squats or whipping your cock out in a bar to get girls because someone on the internet told you so.

Especially when all that values you have are ones you picked up from anime. To a large extent, it’s not your fault. There is a lot of bad shit going on to get us here. Some demographic, some economic. Some spiritual. I locate its source to the Visigoths sacking Rome. But I can officially exonerate anime made pre-’98 from this. Anything after that, and you’re on your own, adrift on the tide.






Taking flight

We moved out this weekend. The place is pretty small, but it fits our stuff with a bit of clever vertical stacking. Our bills are paid for, and it’s 5 mins walk to a gym, butcher, bar, library, church and 3 of my friends. So it’s pretty much ideal for me.

This is a great chance to:

  • Enjoy the giant mirror in the bedroom with the falcon.
  • Get more jacked.
  • Paint and makes loads of stuff, with somewhere I can use a dremel.
  • Restart learning electronics.

I didn’t bring my gaming computer, as the place is too small. I also prefer to be doing analog stuff, as my eyes get sore when I’m on a computer all the time. Leisure time is more memorable when you do IRL stuff – it’s like the difference between drinking alone and drinking with friends.

I’m sure it will be challenging the first few weeks, but we will settle in.


Milk reintroduction isn’t going that well, feeling pretty tired from the malabsorbtion of everything else. So I’ll likely try lactase tablets for a month. If this doesn’t improve it, I’ll probably cut it out as I had before. Eggshells and nut milks seem like a decent substitute for calcium and cereal/tea in that case.

Bike has to be put back together, needs new inner tubes and probably puncture-resist tires. 20 cycle into work (which means a 10 min cycle if you Cat 6 it like a tryhard)

Re–restarting CCNA study to get the ICND 2 for an office move. Might also be sent to China to config some stuff, so having that will help.

When I start barbell training again, I’ll probably see where I am for back and neck pain. I’m going to stay away from compression on the spine and anything putting shearing force on the lumbar spine. When I was training, I was able to keep a decent amount of strength and mass with unilateral exercises. These are easier to do without a spotter too, ideal when you have no friends in the gym.

So lunges, dips, pullups, pistol squats and Arnold presses will feature in my future. Most likely something like this AxBxA:

A Volume B Volume
DB Lunge 3×10-12 Pistol squat 3×5
DB Bench 3×10-12 DB OHP 3×10-12
Glute Bridge 3×10-12 DB row 3×10-12
Pull ups aiming for 3×10 Dips aiming for 3×10
Plank Plank  

Easy to get in and out in under an hour and recover from for the mediocre.



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