The anime question and the alt-right

Or “sometimes the things you meme, end up memeing you”.

I had mega keks about this when it happened.  We definitely crossed a threshold in public discourse when masturbating to anime became a political issue, from which there can be no return. But is the answer for young men and society less fapping your awkwardly curved penis to hentai in your parents home or more?  I’ll try discuss it here.

I have neglected to write about the dreaded “anime question” for a long time. But I have slowly been converting my friends to  80s/90s anime while hungover. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’ve watched a lot of anime in the last 12 years… and that it didn’t turn me into a freak. So perhaps the blame lies elsewhere.

The stories of 80s/90s anime OVAs suit us well – they are fairly brief, and plot driven. There are explosions, robots and tiddies. People act in human ways, or in such an over the top fashion you can’t help enjoy it. The OVA boom of the 80s also made higher quality animation than TV anime, which helps get people into the stories. I have watched less recent stuff, but generally watch a currently airing show every season. But what has that got to do with the alt-right? I think it’s a question of free time and ethical/moral/economic incentives for young people.

I long thought we were in for a decade of stagnation after the collapse and nationalisation of Irish Bank debt, and looked to Japan for an example of an aging society that does little for the young, and clusters around one city. I saw many trends there also appear in Ireland: middle-class NEETS (people not in education, employment or training) and the otaku paradox (that it’s easy to support an expensive hobby when you have no other expenses). But what function does generous social welfare and anime/games/weed/beer fulfill? After all, most of my peers went to university. Shouldn’t they have middle class jobs that would enable them to get married and start families? But college is kind of crock unless you’re lucky and organised. The situation above gets people paid: civil servants to administer the dole, the publicans and dealers sell you the beer and drugs, and the software companies sell you your games. The people themselves are in “gilded poverty”: just enough luxuries to keep you quiet. But I think that’s corrosive to your spirit.

It’s easy to get alienated when you don’t feel like you have values that match the society you’re in, or even that your ability is fairly rewarded. That makes dropping out more palatable. Anime is also cheap in terms of money (but expensive in terms of guilt), and comes with a pre-built community online. It’s a natural choice. Makes waiting for you parents to die so you can inherit the family home easier. But that free time for some people takes its toll.

Pretty soon you’re jerking off to hentai three times a day, jobless or underemployed in retail and fantasizing about your own death,  sex with cartoons, autogynophilia, how it’s all the fault of the patriarchy/Globalists/Belgians and your starring role in the coming Crusade in Europe. Mostly to occupy your considerable mental processing power that you’re wasting sitting scrolling through 4chan/reddit/wordpress/tumblr.

If you’re of the type, it’s easy to fall into the edgysphere of the alt-right/MRA/ starting strength forums and drink the koolaid/gallon of milk.  But sometimes the things you meme end up memeing you –  like low bar squats or whipping your cock out in a bar to get girls because someone on the internet told you so.

Especially when all that values you have are ones you picked up from anime. To a large extent, it’s not your fault. There is a lot of bad shit going on to get us here. Some demographic, some economic. Some spiritual. I locate its source to the Visigoths sacking Rome. But I can officially exonerate anime made pre-’98 from this. Anything after that, and you’re on your own, adrift on the tide.







8 thoughts on “The anime question and the alt-right

  1. Don’t know much about anime.

    I have a buddy who was (is?) into that stuff. Closer to the incel than the NEET end of the spectrum – actually had a lot of family cash, plus a solid job (hue at Fatman showing off words he learned like 45 minutes ago). He didn’t get into the alt-right (back then they were called neo-Nazis or skinheads), but did have the propensity to break out into vitriolic rants against random people/phenomena/nationalities after 1-2 beers and without apparent provocation. Smart guy, too, and talented artistically, just couldn’t make the real world work out for him.

    Haven’t seen him in a while. Heard he’s doing well now.

    I don’t think kids getting alt-righted has anything to do with anime, tho. Kids in the Middle East get radicalized without anime. Overall there seem to be a lot of kids getting “alienated” and “dropping out” of society. I don’t understand that. At least in the “western” nations, but I believe also globally, people have never lived better, or had more opportunities. Maybe that in itself is a problem? Who knows.

      1. I’ve read Ribbonfarm and Last Psychiatrist in the past. Usually when I’m looking for some kind of meaning. I never bookmark anything though to increase serendipity. So you guys sharing stuff is always nice.
        Think Falcon and me are definitely “Real Person™” in that list: mercenaries trying to get steady returns rather than trying to ‘make it’. “Get married and have kids” is pretty much all I want. But that’s the prime directive of “eat and breed” rather than higher meaning.

      2. Well if you read last psychiatrist then you would know that all choices are binary.
        But breeding is so animalistic. Any simpleton (s) can do it.There must be more to life.
        Maybe. What’s the alternative? Letting other people reproduce instead?
        It’s fine, whatever you choose.
        I predict that you and the falcon will be fruitful and multiply and have eglets.

      3. I strongly object to Starbucks coffee being labeled “premium” anything. Otherwise good post/blog.

        “the momentum of my decade in the paycheck economy has created a certain amount of stability in my life that people a decade younger than me usually lack”

        This is pure genius. Or rather, premium mediocre genius.

        “As someone who is not very good at the game im always glad when other players quit.”

        This is me and lifting.

  2. I’ve said a lot about this, but maybe Soulja Boy can say it better.

    Really, I think the problem with Western males is not enough anime and androgens. Japanese for realz got higher test levels than American men now. Donald Trump needs to get off his finasteride, and make Trumpcare where he has Medicare mail all American men two boxes of Proviron every month for free so they can make America great again.

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