Bladerunner 2049

The waifu game in the film was strong. The Falcon and I have been talking about it since we crawled out of the kino pit. Many thoughts on it. Really like the first 3 acts, up until he meets the resistance in the watery basement. Then the film loses the threads – the twists are annoying to follow and the running time is too long. More time in the “world” would have been better, I think this was something the recent Ghost in the Shell movie did better, with a shorter running time. The original Blade Runner also had much more background characters with their own lives – Deckard was not “special”. But the plot overall was weaker, 2049 improved on this by raising the stakes and having rising action.  Many clanging references too – Joi and Luv being corruptions of emotions, and named as such. Everything Jared Leto said was kind of rubbish.
Some excellent scenes – all the “baseline” sequences. The opening 20 minutes.
The heresy was first raised by the Falcon – she found Ghost in the Shell more complete and satisfying than Blade Runner 2049. It also didn’t have Jared Leto hamming it up in every scene. Only question for me is can a bored looking Scarjo compete with Villenueve’s waifus? Probably not. This was confirmed by a third party in the /lit/posting group after rewatching Ghost in the Shell. Nevertheless the film was more sterile overall.
Real talk though: K’s apartment was nicer than the mouldy garage we live in. Plus he had a car, a gun and cyberwife. This ruined the dystopic mood – his life should definitely be worse than ours. The Irish times had it that there was 35 years between noir film and Bladerunner. And then 35 years between the original and 2049. But by placing itself in a future that rhymed with the past, Blade Runner made itself more timeless. Perhaps 2049 will date badly because of that – it’s more like the director’s vision of our 2017.
At least it was better than Robocop 2014.DMILEp6UQAA1Ll5

chatlogs full of memes are never funny

Feb 2017 to present day:
Yugioh but the loser turns gay and never spreads their genes
The winner suffers the same fate
Tragic: the Garnering
Autism: the Misfittening
Dick Pulse the Cum Bomb
“Cum inside me, really hard” was going to be my forum name
It’s like a “Hitler Schnapps” being sold in Israel. Fun fact: Cromwell was the first republican in Ireland
now there’s a nice word

“Dedicated Galvanic rape victim”

Ulthuan for the high elves, Naggarond for the dark elves, but the Empire for everyone?

N e o v a g i n a

they wanted a new project because Papi, the keyname, sounded like Spanish gay porn.

As an expert on Spanish gay porn were you able to correct them or affirm their fears?


learned today the maximum value I can assign for a meeting length in minutes is 2147483647, or close to 41 centuries


Dressing for success today
Wearing an aztec shirt and jeans with a big rip in the crotch


superior gunline tactics can only be defeated by dense terrain, he should’ve pulled a washington and hid in the woods until you ran out of money
spent two years campnig, truly a hero of his time
Guerilla skill table doesn’t let you nail bomb civilians – fail


Anime 11PM (Tentative)
[You are invited to this meeting]
Automatic reply: Anime I am out of the office until 5/05/17


There’s a god with a fat cock
Patron of the hive spires
God of oil, massage and fat cocks


why do people become 40k Inquisitors again?
law school is too competitive?


We’ll just say “4chan, isn’t that a girl’s website?”

is it your internalized nationalism preventing you from painting red coats?

blocks your path

get-cum | ForEach-Orifice {new-action -sexAct $_.sucking $_.fucking }

there’s nothing wrong with accepting Ireland was a vassal state. actually, that’s wrong, Ireland wasn’t a vassal state because the King of England was also the King of Ireland. Ireland fought as part of the Crown forces during the English Civil War

When did Ireland start thinking of itself as a nation and not an island in perpetual tribal warfare?

19th century probably
Possibly not until after the Irish Civil War if you wanna be real pedantic


Filtering traffic and bargains

Not a whole lot to say – settling into engaged life. Work is fine. Began cycling to and from work, about an 8KM round trip. Bloody cold in summer gear, but hardening myself to it. Not really lifting more than 1x week, even then only fucking around with pullups and pressing.

Also decided on the real ring for the engagement, a vintage 1970s sapphire set in diamonds. Setting is neither too low or too high.  Bargained it down from €1900 to €1500. If the Falcon had not said she was willing to pay €1500, I could have gotten it lower. Falcon has adequate bargaining skills. But often says the wrong thing in her “routine”. Case in point in China, she was looking to buy a pair of shoes, which were cheap converse knock-offs. The guy was trying to charge 500RMB (€60 at the time), after saying she couldn’t spend any more than 500RMB.

I came in while eating a tea egg and squatted right down beside him and said “50RMB, that’s all I paid last time,” in a thick Shanghai accented Mandarin. He agreed immediately. Pity the shoes were too small. More people should learn to bargain and haggle, it has an outsized effect on your salary compared to actual hard skills. I got a 15% raise on my current job’s offer after asking for it. All I had to do was say I had other offers in the pipe and let them stew. This also added to the 10% bonus. If you change jobs every few years, this really adds up after 3 job changes.

Visited friends down in Cork and explored a few 17th century star forts. We mourned the failure of Hugh O’Neil to defeat the English at Kinsale and wished for the return of a butter-based economy. Used a Dremel to grind out a jamming door catch. Made a pipe tool out of a suitable hex screw with a file. Raided the bins of a Games Workshop and recovered some magazines and hardbacks. Drank some nice beers. The Falcon came down mid-way and we had a great time all told.

Trying to finish the CCNA exams this year, getting some support from work to do it. Have some networking stuff to do in work, which will support the learning.

Warhammer 40k club in work is going well, we now have weekly games between 5 people. Made some nice pieces, which apply what I learned this year about colour theory and detailing scale models. I’d hate to put my early stuff side by side – even the towers lack the greebling the ruined factory has. So this was very satisfying.factory ruin1factory ruin220171025_095220

Also left my phone offline for 3 days. This felt pretty great. Might be something I do again. Less anxious. More relaxed and able to enjoy shit.