Bladerunner 2049

The waifu game in the film was strong. The Falcon and I have been talking about it since we crawled out of the kino pit. Many thoughts on it. Really like the first 3 acts, up until he meets the resistance in the watery basement. Then the film loses the threads – the twists are annoying to follow and the running time is too long. More time in the “world” would have been better, I think this was something the recent Ghost in the Shell movie did better, with a shorter running time. The original Blade Runner also had much more background characters with their own lives – Deckard was not “special”. But the plot overall was weaker, 2049 improved on this by raising the stakes and having rising action.  Many clanging references too – Joi and Luv being corruptions of emotions, and named as such. Everything Jared Leto said was kind of rubbish.
Some excellent scenes – all the “baseline” sequences. The opening 20 minutes.
The heresy was first raised by the Falcon – she found Ghost in the Shell more complete and satisfying than Blade Runner 2049. It also didn’t have Jared Leto hamming it up in every scene. Only question for me is can a bored looking Scarjo compete with Villenueve’s waifus? Probably not. This was confirmed by a third party in the /lit/posting group after rewatching Ghost in the Shell. Nevertheless the film was more sterile overall.
Real talk though: K’s apartment was nicer than the mouldy garage we live in. Plus he had a car, a gun and cyberwife. This ruined the dystopic mood – his life should definitely be worse than ours. The Irish times had it that there was 35 years between noir film and Bladerunner. And then 35 years between the original and 2049. But by placing itself in a future that rhymed with the past, Blade Runner made itself more timeless. Perhaps 2049 will date badly because of that – it’s more like the director’s vision of our 2017.
At least it was better than Robocop 2014.DMILEp6UQAA1Ll5

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