Did not do the CCNA part 2 exam at the end of December – too much Christmas stuff to be doing, and an office move in work took up all our time here. Have put it out to the end of January, but I’m already losing interest. It doesn’t seem especially valuable, but I know HR departments filter based on a piece of paper.  I would be better served learning Python and Amazon Web Services for an Infrastructure job, because I’m getting real tired of 50% helpdesk tasks. No individual task I do is hard, it’s just the sheer volume of stuff that comes in.  2500 tickets in just over a year is a lot. That’s probably 7500 touches with people, averaging 3 per ticket.

Models are going well, ordered a creepy mould of cherubs/putti from China for €1.50, came here today. Mould is not great, but that will serve my purpose nonetheless. Began making the Suicide Squad models for the Batman miniatures game. The Falcon would like to start painting models, partly to try understand me.

Christmas was good, pretty low stress. Got a sweet Swiss watch from the Falcon, from a brand that is not luxury priced. So I was pleased by that. Also asked for whiskey from several people to avoid disappointing presents. Whiskey never lets you down.

2018 goals is buy a house and put deposit on wedding venue. Have the guts of €50k between Falcon and myself. Wedding priced at €10k. House somewhere between €250k and €350k. Also walk in the Alps again with my pals: training to regain my bubble butt for that sick climbing speed.








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