Backbone network

Since I have been back in the gym two weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of neck pain again. Went to a decent physio I trust, he did some good stuff to crack me open.

Lats and rotator cuff dynamic stretches.

Facepulls 3×12 at the end of workout

Double dumbell OHP

Incline/Decline Dumbell benchpress

DB Row 3*12

Machine rows 10-12*3

Recommends more psoas and hip flexor stretches, in addition to the glute work I’m doing. Hopefully I can keep working out without getting injured again.


2 thoughts on “Backbone network

  1. Dry needling has really helped traps. Hip flexors pretty sore, lots of work to unfuck the last year or so.
    Gym has no chest supported row machine.

    DB row is 3*12@15kg for working set.
    Incline bench is 3*12@6kg (shreds man card)
    facepulls 3×12@2kg (assuming 2 plates are 2kg each, and there’s 2:1 ratio on pulley)
    Hitting the glutes way more with a reverse lunge 3×12@5kg

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